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  • 16 Places to Sled in Central Ohio

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    The snow has fallen and it is time to break out the sleds and hit the hills in Central Ohio!

  • Companies that Support our US Military

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    It’s an expensive season: Gifts, travel, entertaining, it adds up quickly. And there’s so many choices of vendors. Want to make sure your holiday dollars are spent at companies which support your values? So do we! At The Columbus Team, our thoughts turn to our men and women in the armed services who can’t come […]

  • Asphalt or Concrete? The Driveway Dilemma

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    When you build new, or it’s time to replace your old driveway, many homeowners find themselves trying to decide between asphalt and concrete as driveway materials. Pavers, cobblestone, brick, and gravel are other choices, but the two most popular are asphalt and concrete. Both materials use stones and sand, but the difference is in the […]

  • Central Ohio Fence Building FAQs

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    “My apple trees will never get across And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’” Mending Wall, by Robert Frost Many believe that good fences make good neighbors, and there may be some truth to it. A fence keeps your dog, your children, and your […]

  • Get a Permit Before Planting a "Street Tree" in Columbus

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    Although winter is still hanging around, ’tis the season for graph paper, gardening manuals and many plans and plots for improving curb appeal, in hopes that spring will soon be here! Are you planning a project which includes planting or removing trees to improve your home’s curb appeal, or is your neighborhood is one of […]

  • Romance with red

    Romance with Red

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    If you're thinking of painting a little excitement into your home, there's a ton of information and inspiration waiting for you.