Recycling in Columbus Ohio

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Have you gotten your blue bin? Communities all over Columbus are excited about our recycling options…right at home!

Many of us had the old orange bins that cost a quarterly fee. Others collected our recycling and drove to nearby fire stations or stores to place our recycling in public recycling dumpsters. Several years ago, Columbus joined the ranks of other major cities in making recycling easy and simple by giving us new blue roll-out bins much like our garbage containers. Holding 64 gallons, these blue bins should be enough to hold 2 weeks of recycling materials.

Here’s the basic info on recycling in Columbus, Ohio!

Who: Residents of Columbus who live in a single-family home or a building of 4 units or less that is not part of a complex. Want to know if you should have already gotten a container, or if you are scheduled for one? Call 614-645-3111 or visit RecyColumbus online.

When: If you don’t have a blue bin already when you move into your new Columbus residence, call Columbus at 614-645-3111.  You can also order a second bin for a fee via an order form on the website, RecyColumbus.

How: This is the easy part! Your bin will be delivered to your home. Place recyclables in your blue bin, and roll to the curb on your scheduled collection day, which will be every other week. Simply roll your bin to your usual garbage collection spot, and the city takes care of the rest.

What: Paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, and plastic containers.

Why: Because it not only saves energy and resources, it also saves the city money. Each ton of material that is recycled is space NOT used in our landfills…which saves the city and its taxpayers money. A big win for all of us!