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  • The Pet Parents’ Home Sellers Guide

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    Selling your home when you’re a pet parent is a little different from selling your home when you have no pets. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare though! Here are some tips.

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    Pet Odors May Put Off Your Home Buyers, but Help is at Hand

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    Pet odors may put off your home buyers, but help is at hand! Tips and tricks for removing pet odors and stains in your home.

  • Ohio Residential Property Disclosure form.

    Ohio Residential Property Disclosure FAQs

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    If you’ve never sold a home before, you may be unfamiliar with real estate disclosures. Also known as a Residential Property Disclosure, this is a legally binding document filled out by sellers for buyers to review. It is required by the state of Ohio in almost all residential sales and is typically completed with all other listing […]

  • Selling your House: 7 Things to Do Before you List

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    Tip #1 Put yourself into the shoes of potential buyers. The simplest and most effective way to prepare your home to list is by putting yourself into the shoes of potential buyers. Imagine you’re looking for a home and walk through your own home with a pen and paper and make notes. What do you […]

  • Packing and Moving With Heart

    Packing and Moving With Heart

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    Packing and moving into a smaller space can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We’re grateful for organizations in our community like Downsize With a Heart who help with the entire process of packing and moving. They motivate us to be Realtors With a Heart!  When we were introduced to Downsize With a […]

  • Tips for Moving With Kids and Pets

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    Moving day. It brings a mix of emotions and details to organize. And moving with kids or pets adds another layer of planning.  We want to put you at ease and decrease the stress of your move. There are ways to ensure the move to your new home will run smoothly. Preparation is key.  Follow […]