Companies that Support our US Military

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It’s an expensive season: Gifts, travel, entertaining, it adds up quickly. And there’s so many choices of vendors. Want to make sure your holiday dollars are spent at companies which support your values? So do we! At The Columbus Team, our thoughts turn to our men and women in the armed services who can’t come home for the holidays this year. We wondered which companies go above and beyond to support our troops. It turns out, there are quite a few that spend money, time, and effort to support both our troops overseas, and their families here at home. Bravo!

While federal law requires that companies with reservists and other active duty employees save their jobs for them until they return home from active duty, employers are not required to offer benefits, seniority, or to continue to pay those employees for hours not worked at the company. The companies below have won awards from the US Military for going above and beyond, and offering financial support, benefits, and even step raises and seniority to those on active duty and their families at home. Here is a list of companies who have earned commendations and awards for their service to our servicemen and women…as well as to the families of active duty employees.

Offering differential pay (the employer pays the difference between military pay and civilian pay if the military pay is less), plus offers access to or continuing health benefits for the duration of activation, up to five years for both employee and dependents: Coca-Cola, GE, USAA, Sears, New York Life, State Farm, Ford Motor Company, 3M, Delta Airlines, Wells Fargo, Dollar General, Intuit Inc., Microsoft, Chrysler Motors, Starbucks, and Anheuser-Busch.

These two companies offer differential pay for 3-18 months to active duty employees; Best Buy and Hertz.

A special note: Sears has held jobs for employees who left to join the armed services, even though they were not reservists, and were not legally obligated to do so. One serviceman reports receiving a letter after 10 YEARS, offering to hold his former position longer for him, and reminding him that access to benefits and seniority were accruing while he served. He declined, having chosen to serve in the Army as his career, but praises Sears for their support and encouragement.

For more information on companies who support our troops, and received the Freedom Award.