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Kay and Jon Marshall

To Edie, Jeanne, Sue, Erin and all the members of the Columbus Team. Thank you for your attention, thoughtful consistent and throughly professional handling of our real estate needs. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you also for the several gifts, handmade holiday decoration, donation to eh Nationwide Children's Hospital, and bamboo cutting board. Bamboo in Asian culture is a sing of prosperity and good fortune. I'll take that!


10 Tips for Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

You’ve finally purchased the home of our dreams in a neighborhood you’re excited to move into. Owning a home is part of living the American dream, a live-in trophy for all your hard work. You maintain it and care for it, cutting the lawn weekly, washing windows in the spring and fixing any leaks that may spring up. Part of caring for our home includes caring for the neighborhood too. It means connecting with neighbors and knowing your children’s friends and their families. Being social is the … [Read More...] about 10 Tips for Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe