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Josh and Paula

This is the third house I have purchased. Patrick is, by far, the best realtor I have used. First, he has a great knowledge of the market and is honest. He has a keen eye and evaluate potential properties honestly and points out positive attributes and flaws of these properties. You can see his experience when you walk prospective homes. The professionals that Patrick recommends our first class experts. From the home inspector to the lending company, they were all a great experience. Patrick is in no rush to get you to purchase a property. He is patient and wants you to find the right house for your family, even if this takes time. Our family is grateful for his honesty, professionalism, and kindness.


Our response to COVID-19

Clients and friends, We value our relationships with our clients, friends, families, fellow agents, affiliates, and partners. We look forward to being part of the fabric of this great community for many years to come. We just want you to know we are here to help and you can call or text us directly: Sue: 614-419-3100 Patrick: 614-204-8084 Erin: 614-598-3121 Mary: 614-419-3929 Terry: 614-579-9141 Heather: 614-329-2651 Edie: 614-915-8657 Jeanne: 614-402-3065 Our hearts go out to our families with … [Read More...] about Our response to COVID-19