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  • When will the housing bubble burst in Columbus Ohio?

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    You might be wondering if there’s going to be a housing bubble burst soon in Columbus, Ohio. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many of our clients are asking the same. According to many experts, the scenario isn’t nearly as bad as it seems, but we want to present you with different opinions from a variety […]

  • Heather Gott, REALTOR

    The Columbus Team Welcomes Heather Gott

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    Sue Lusk-Gleich & The Columbus Team at KW Capital Partners are pleased to welcome Heather Gott to the team! Heather brings her service-oriented style and experience to the team, as well as her intimate knowledge of Columbus. She’s lived in Columbus for 17 years, moving here from out of state, and understands the relocation process […]

  • Terry Zellar, Realtor Joins The Columbus Team

    The Columbus Team at KW Capital Partners Welcomes Terry Zellar!

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    Sue Lusk-Gleich and The Columbus Team at KW Capital Partners are pleased to welcome new team member, Terry Zellar! Terry brings over 20 years of experience in the Central Ohio Real Estate Market. She is a perfect fit for a team with a passion for providing the highest level of customer service to every client. […]

  • Run from Commission-breath | REALTOR Ethics

    Run from Commission-Breath! (REALTOR ethics)

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    There’s a type of Agent or Salesperson everyone dreads. You know the kind, they’ve got those cartoon dollar signs in their eyes and those all-too-uncomfortable pressure tactics? Yikes! We’ve all been there, and wanted to run away from the person whose focus is on their own bottom line and how we can enlarge it for […]

  • KW is #1 in Real Estate. Join our team.

    Ready for a New Career? We're Hiring!

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    We are looking for a unique individual to join our very busy real estate team as a REALTOR Partner. If you are not currently licensed, you will need to secure your real estate license. This opportunity is open to all who qualify. This is not a job it is a career. This position is for […]

  • Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask If I am Working with a Realtor?

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    “Why does every Real Estate Agent ask me if I’m working with a Realtor? It makes me feel like they don’t want to talk to me!” One: Ethics! A reputable, honest agent doesn’t want to “steal” another agent’s client. Real estate agents invest time and effort into their clients, and don’t want to interfere in […]