Why Use a REALTOR When You’re Buying a Home from a Builder?

Why Use a REALTOR When You’re Buying a Home from a Builder? (Builder Home Plans)

Why use a REALTOR when you’re buying a home from a builder? The short answer is that your REALTOR is trained and experienced in real estate transactions. They represent you, and you alone.  A builder represents the builder’s interests first and foremost.

Your REALTOR is your advocate. They are available while you’re at work, handling calls from the builder and contractors. Representing your preferences, your needs, and your expectations in the contract is their job.

Your REALTOR is your project manager. Purchasing a new build is complicated. You’re customizing features, working on a tight schedule, and the process of inspections, approvals, and change requests for custom items or work that didn’t go as expected can take time, energy, and even cost extra money. Use a professional to keep all the parts of this process moving and turning as they should.

Your REALTOR is your eye for detail. Your agent knows this process from start to finish, they’ve been there, done that, got the merit badge! They know the plumbing and electrical inspections can hold up the interior construction of your home until they’re completed. They know when to reassure you that this IS the process, or when something isn’t going right and it’s time for a meeting with the builder.

Your REALTOR is experienced at closings. Even though you’re buying a brand-new home, you still have a contract, you still have a closing, financing, inspections, and all the details that go into any home sale. Your agent can manage the details and stress for you, so you simply get to enjoy the process.

To learn more reasons why you should use a REALTOR when you’re buying from a builder – call us – we’d be happy to answer your questions.