7 Quick Tips to Save A/C Costs in Your Home

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It’s wise to plan in advance for the hot and humid season, here are 7 quick tips to save A/C costs in your home. Don't miss out on these cost-saving ideas!

7 Quick Tips to Save A/C Costs in Your Home

With the cost of living increasing it’s a good idea to cut expenses where you can. One way you can do this is being smart about your A/C usage. Check out these 7 quick tips to save A/C costs in your home and beat the heat.

7 Easy Ways To Save A/C Costs This Summer

1. Pull Your Window Coverings Closed

Create a more comfortable and cooler indoor environment during hot and sunny days! It is advisable to pull your window coverings closed. By doing so, you can effectively keep the heat generated by the sun outside.

2. Limit Using the Stove or Oven

Cooking appliances, such as stoves and ovens, generate significant amounts of heat, which can contribute to an already warm indoor environment. Limit the use of your stoves and ovens so you can lower the temperature in your home and alleviate the strain on your cooling system. It’s the perfect season to grill outdoors!

3. Check for Air Leaks in Your Home

Pay attention to windows, doors, poorly-constructed vents, and wall outlets. A handy way to test for air leaks is lighting a candle on a windy day. Once you’ve found the leaky culprits, seal them off! There are many products available: spray foam, window and door weather stripping, caulking, etc. Ask your local hardware store which product will best fix your leak.

4. Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Running Condition

Refrigerant leaks and dirty air conditioning coils are the two biggest reasons your A/C isn’t cooling your home like it should. Have a serviceman check out your A/C in the late spring before the first heat wave arrives. A well maintained A/C will save you money and cool your house better and faster. It’s a win-win!

5. Ensure the AC Ducts Are Properly Sealed

Ensure the A/C ducts are properly sealed at the joint and that all ductwork is insulated. Ductwork plays a vital role in delivering cooled air throughout your home, and any leaks or gaps in the ducts can result in energy waste and reduced cooling performance. Up to 30% of cooled air escapes due to these two very fixable items! Don’t let your money (and cool air) slip through the cracks.

6. Clean Your A/C Filters!

This commonly-neglected chore reduces A/C efficiency and uses more electricity. Clean your filters to maintain the indoor air quality, maximize the efficiency of your cooling system and lower your bills!

How to Clean an A/C Filter?

  • Turn off the Air Conditioner. Make sure to turn off the power supply to the A/C unit to ensure safety.
  • Remove the filters. Depending on your A/C system, the filters may be located in the indoor unit or the return air vents. Check your A/C system’s manual or manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance on how to access and remove the filters.
  • Clean the filters. Use a vacuum cleaner or gently wash the filters with mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris. If the filters are washable, make sure to allow them to dry completely before reinstalling them. If the filters are disposable, replace them with new ones as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Regular maintenance. Start a regular cleaning schedule for your A/C filters. The frequency may vary depending on factors such as the type of filter, the amount of dust in your home, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, it is advisable to clean or replace the filters every 1-3 months.

7. Be Sure You Have Insulation Around the Entire Shape of the Air Conditioner

For window air conditioners, be sure you have insulation around the entire shape of the air conditioner. You can use strips of sturdy foam insulation to fit the space between the side of the air conditioner and the window. Don’t forget to use a putty knife to push the foam into place!

There you have it! Implement these tips to enjoy a comfortable home while keeping your energy bills under control. Start saving today!

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