7 Quick Tips to Save A/C Costs in Your Home

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7 tips to save money air-conditioner
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With the cost of living increasing it’s a good idea to cut costs where you can. One way you can do this is being smart about your A/C usage. Check out these 7 easy ways to save money on air conditioning and beat the heat.

7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer

  1. Pull your window coverings closed to keep the heat of the sun outside.
  2. Limit using the stove or oven since they heat up your home causing your air conditioner to work harder.  It’s the perfect season to grill outdoors!
  3. Check for air leaks in your home. Pay attention to windows, doors, poorly-constructed vents, and wall outlets. A handy way to test for air leaks is lighting a candle on a windy day. Once you’ve found the leaky culprits, seal them off! There are many products available: spray foam, window and door weather stripping, caulking, etc. Ask your local hardware store which product will best fix your leak.
  4. Keep your air conditioner in good running condition. Refrigerant leaks and dirty air conditioning coils are the two biggest reasons your A/C isn’t cooling your home like it should. Have a serviceman check out your A/C in the late spring before the first heat wave arrives. A well maintained A/C will save you money and cool your house better and faster. It’s a win-win!
  5. Ensure the A/C ducts are properly sealed at the joint and that all ductwork is insulated. Up to 30% of cooled air escapes due to these two very fixable items! Don’t let your money (and cool air) slip through the cracks.
  6. Clean your A/C filters! This commonly-neglected chore reduces A/C efficiency and uses more electricity. Clean your filters to lower your bills.
  7. For window air conditioners, be sure you have insulation around the entire shape of the air conditioner. You can use strips of sturdy foam insulation to fit the space between the side of the air conditioner and the window. Don’t forget to use a putty knife to push the foam into place!

There you have it! 7 easy ways to keep cool AND save money on air conditioning this summer!