Columbus Labyrinths: A-Mazing fun!

Columbus Labyrinths

Kids love to walk through a maze, and our Columbus labyrinths are perfect for all ages. No tall hedges or corn rows to get lost in, but enough twists, turns and imaginative play to satisfy the most active of kids! Visit one or all of the public labyrinths in the Columbus area, and be a-mazed!

Used for centuries for meditation, focus, and prayer, the modern public labyrinths are an interesting experience. Usually stone, brick, or cement paths set in twisting, turning pattern. The entrance all the way to the center is a single path. Adults find the twining walk soothing and a time for contemplation, and kids will too, although timing it to see who can get from the entrance to the middle the fastest while staying steadily on the path is also a very popular pastime!

By nature, they are all in sunny open spots, so bring a cool drink and enjoy a centuries-old tradition right in your own hometown! The labyrinths below are normally open from at least dawn to dusk. Bear in mind, some are in public spaces or public parks where hours of availability may change with the seasons. Check on the website for each labyrinth or contact the host venue for complete information.
60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

Columbus Labyrinths

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
333 South Drexel Ave
Bexley, OH 43209
Brick and stone pavement

Upper Arlington
OSU Chadwick Arboretum
2001 Fyffe Court
Columbus, OH 43210
Brick and gravel

Elizabeth Blackwell Center at Riverside Hospital – Permanently closed
3635 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43214
Brick pavers

First Community Church
3777 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43221
Rock and garden

Grove City
Gardens at Gantz Farm
2255 Home Road
Grove City, OH 43123
Brick paver

New Albany
Church of the Resurrection
6300 East Dublin-Granville Road
New Albany, OH 43054
Brick paver

All Saints Episcopal Church
5101 Johnstown Road
New Albany, OH 43054
Grass and Stone

Linworth Alternative Program (High School)
2075 W Dublin-Granville Road
Worthington, OH 43085
Brick pavers

Worthington United Methodist Church
600 High Street
Worthington, OH 43085

Ohio Wesleyan University
59 S. Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Inniswood Metro Garden
940 Hempstead Road
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Ollies, nailslides, and kickflips galore! The Best Central Ohio Skate Parks

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do
If your youngster lives in a helmet and is glued to a skateboard, scooter, bike, or longboard you may already know where the best skateparks in Central Ohio are located! Just in case you are new to this extreme sport, or your kids are bored with their favorite spots and want to mix it up, here’s a list of the best skateparks in Columbus…as rated by a young skater friend with mad skillz.

dublin-skate-parkEach skatepark offers something different and unique, so visit a few to get a feel for what you and your skater are looking for. Parents may want to make sure there’s seating for them, shade for hot days, and different areas for differing levels of difficulty. Skaters are deeply interested in whether there are pipes (half or quarter), rails, bowls, and other features. We have tried to list everything important to the whole family, but parks change, update, and even close sometimes. This list was as complete as we could make it at the time of publishing, and you’ll want to double-check the information for yourself. We strongly recommend appropriate safety equipment be worn at all times, and that a parent accompany children of any age to all of these skateparks. Skate at your own risk, as safely as possible, and have fun!

Coffman Skatepark

Coffman Park
Dublin Ohio
The park is located south of Perimeter Drive just north of the Dublin Justice Center, which is located at 6565 Commerce Parkway.

Powell Skatepark

260 Village Park Drive
Powell, OH 43065
Great little backyard bowl, perfect for serious bowl riders. It has a street area, euro gap, ramps, and a quarter-pipe. Some areas are very good for beginners, but most of the skaters here are older and more expert. A great place to watch serious skating, the slower and younger kids will need close supervision to prevent poor riding etiquette on their part and to avoid clashes and crashes with the fastest and oldest riders. There are a few benches, but little shade here. We recommend a picnic blanket or folding chairs and maybe a tall, cool drink.

Olentangy Skatepark

Olentangy River Parklands
600 West Wilson Bridge Road
Worthington, OH 43085
This is a tiny park with an even smaller skatepark, located on foot behind the tennis court, just follow the path. Mini but mighty fun, this park features a bowl, hubbas, ledges, a quarter-pipe, and pyramid. More for street riders than verts, it attracts quite a few beginner to moderately talented riders. There are benches along the fence, some in shade, for parents. The park is built into a hill so you can also put a chair or blanket above the park to keep an eye on young ones. Being a walk-to-ride spot, and with the walking trail right next to the skatepark, parental supervision of all but the oldest riders is a must.

Westerville Skatepark

Inniswood Metro Gardens
Park Meadow Road
Westerville, OH 43081
A small area of street ride, with hubbas, snake run, banks, fun boxes, a euro gap and a bowl, too. The bowls is functional, but not spectacular. Intimidating for the youngest beginners, older and more experienced riders enjoy the vert and some good lines. It isn’t amazing, but decent rides are certainly to be had. Not much seating here for parents, so bring a blanket or chairs, also lacking in shade.

Dodge Skatepark

Dodge Park and Rec Center
667 Sullivant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215
This park was designed by Tony Hawk’s dad, and includes quarter-pipes, 3 drop-in bowls of different sizes, a snake run, and one of the bowls can function as a half-pipe. Bikes, blades, and boards are all welcome here. It also includes some shallow rolling surfaces perfect for beginners. Built in the 90’s, there is some wear and the concrete is a little lumpy and uneven in places. Pads are strongly recommended, as the unusual surface is a little too smooth and gives you mondo road rash (as though it were rough fiberglass) if you fall. There are a very few benches inside the skatepark on the blacktop, but right outside the fence is tree-shaded grass perfect for picnic blanket or folding chairs, within easy sight of all but the deepest bowls.

Jeffery Mansion Park

At the corner of College and Main Street, behind City Hall.
Bexley, OH 43209
Less impressive than others on the list, but a good choice for beginners. Composed of portable ramps and pipes and other equipment, hours are limited. Contact the Bexley Recreation Department for info on availability. Due to the limited availability and the portable nature of the equipment, our info is also limited.

Gahanna Skatepark

Shull Park
230 Granville Road
Gahanna, OH 43230
The ramps, quarter and half-pipes, rails, pyramid fun box, ground rail, and grind box are all wooden. Well kept and easily used by beginners as well as experienced riders expanding their tricks repertoire. No bowls, and no good seating for parents. The park area is completely blacktopped, so bring folding chairs and cool drinks. A view from your car in the parking lot is possible if you get a good space. Bikes, blades, and boards are all permitted.

Kennedy Skatepark

JFK Park
7232 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Kennedy is a mixed media park, with wood, metal and concrete elements all togethers. Most of the edges in this park are rolled steel. They have a large fun box with rail and ledges, a pyramid with a ledge, ramps, banks, and quarter-pipe, and a grind box. Flat surfaces with mixed media features can be much less intimidating for young beginners than even the shallowest bowls. All street ride and now bowl, Kennedy is not for bowl enthusiasts, although street tricksters will love it. There is some seating for parents, although not much shade, and there is a water fountain available, too. Bikes, boards, and blades are all welcome.

The Flow

4252 Groves Road
This private for-pay park is permanently closed, despite social media misinformation.

Delaware Skatepark

50 East Lincoln Avenue
Delaware, OH
Great for all ages and abilities. Rails, ramps, and a large pool style bowl. Do keep a close eye on young ones to enforce good skatepark etiquette and to prevent crashes and crankiness with older, faster, and more impulsive riders. Not a lot of parent seating or shade available, but lots of grass to place a picnic blanket. There is a shelter within view, with shade and tables. Delaware welcomes skates, bikes, and blades.

Sycamore Skatepark

Sycamore Park
500 Hereford Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147
Sycamore is mixed media rolled steel and concrete. Great for beginners, the ramps are seated in flat concrete, and there are rails, a fun box, banks, and ledges. Not super exciting for the experienced skater, and nothing interesting for bowl skaters, but a good solid starter for street rides. Also, because the features are almost entirely metal and dark in color, they heat up on a hot summer day. If a rider falls, he/she can be burned by the hot metal, so we strongly recommend pads at this and other mixed media parks. Limited seating and no shade for parents. Folding chairs and a cool drink are recommended.

Grove City Skate Park

3728 Hoover Road
Grove City, OH 43123
This skatepark has awesome bowls ranging in depth from 5 to 11 feet. They have a love seat in one section, and an 11 foot clam shell, coping, and great lines. The street section isn’t stellar, but it’s still good, with a granite ledge, euro and texas gaps, hips and a bank-to-ledge. Adored by expert skaters, the street ride area is fine for beginners, but close parental supervision is required to ensure good skatepark etiquette from young ones and to prevent crashes and crankiness from older skaters. This is a true city favorite, and well worth visiting. There are shaded shelters for parents to sit, and a few benches. On crowded days, though, you’ll be in the sun for sure.

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Movie Magic for one and all at Columbus Movie Theaters

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

A classic choice for stormy summer days is to head for the theater. A cool drink, a tub of popcorn, and a ticket to somewhere else for a couple of hours can really beat the heat or the bad-weather blahs. The Columbus area boasts a fine selection of movie venues, some with special programming for summer, others have special days for families throughout the month.

Some Columbus movie theaters are offering special pricing for family movies this summer, please check on individual websites for special offers that appear weekly and monthly.

AMC Theaters
AMC has theaters in Dublin, Easton, Clintonville, and Grove City.

  • Sensory Friendly Films are offered in response to a request to an AMC branch several years ago. The house lights stay on and low, the sound is lower, and audience members are allowed and encouraged to move and vocalize as they prefer. A chance to see a movie in an accepting and welcoming environment, AMC is proud to serve patrons and families living on the autism spectrum.

Marcus Crosswoods Cinemas
200 Hutchinson Avenue
Columbus, OH 43235

Located between Westerville and Worthington, this northern theater is close to a variety of restaurants and is a favorite for both families and movie buffs alike. They are now offering a membership, which allows you to see unlimited movies for a year. The price is steep, at $75, but it pays for itself if you’re a movie fan. See Marcus Crosswoods for details. The website contains too many specials and events to mention here, including discounts for seniors, families, active duty military, $5 Tuesdays, and dinner-and-a-movie deals with local eateries!

Cinemark is a second-run movie theater with discounted ticket prices all year round. Often known as the “Dollar Theater” by local enthusiasts, there is a location in Gahanna and in Columbus near Dublin and Worthington.

  • Weekly email newsletter with a concessions coupon Present the email coupon on your phone to be scanned, or print out the coupon on paper.
  • Downloadable app gives you coupons on your phone.
  • Seniors Day Discounted movies for patrons 62 and over on Mondays.
  • Discount Tue$day Discounted movie tickets every tuesday for regular run movies. (Columbus only)

Arena Grand
175 W Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215
A downtown full-service theater with in-theater dining, this is a great place to get away and see a movie! Perfect for date night as well. Parking starts at only $1 in the Marconi Parking Garage.

2254 E Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209
An historic old fashioned theater that was rescued and is now run by a non-profit, the Drexel is a jewel in Bexley, showing first-run and art films year round, and is a favorite of Columbus natives.

Gateway Film Center
1550 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201
A mixed art/independent/commercial film theater with bistro, a great special occasion destination for families, and a magnet for film buffs all over the capital city.

Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse
3055 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43202
This locally owned independent theater is located in historic Clintonville, and offers a single screen, with dining and full service bar, including draft beer and draft root beer. Generations of Clintonville residents have seen summer movies here, and the recent renovations make the experience comfortable and fun. Early movies are fun for families, and later movies are perfect for movie buffs and couples. Depending on times, parking is on the street and may require quarters for the meters.
(Rocky Horror Picture Show devotees will be thrilled to know it plays here once a month!)

Central Ohio Free Concerts in the Park

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

Free evening concerts abound in the Central Ohio area all summer long. They play classical, pop, jazz and reggae and everything in between. Some series include wide variety of styles and musicians. Check out the list below, bring a blanket or folding chairs…maybe even a picnic dinner…and enjoy the concerts in the park!


Central Ohio Free Concerts in the Park

Sundays at Scioto
Scioto Park Amphitheater
7377 Riverside Drive 43216
Check website for dates and times

Clintonville – cancelled for 2021
Park of Roses Concert Series
Whetstone Park, at High and Acton Road
Check website (scroll down events page) for dates and times

Friendship Park
Friendship Park
150 Oklahoma Ave, Gahanna
Check website for dates and times

German Village
Frank Fetch Park
228 East Beck Street, German Village
Check website for dates and times

Grandview – no schedule due to Covid-19
Music on the Lawn
Grandview Heights Library
1685 West First Avenue, Columbus
Check website for dates and times

Upper Arlington
Music in the Parks
Upper Arlington Municipal Svcs Center
3600 Tremont Road, Columbus
Check website for dates and times

Village Green
Corner of 161 and High in Worthington 43085
Check websites for dates and times

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