Real Estate Fact: Skyscraper built in 15 Days!

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Recently we came across an article online on Inman News, about “Eleven Amazing Real Estate Facts” that really caught our attention, so we took a look at each one, and decided to share them with you one at a time! Some are simply tidbits about foreign real estate customs, some are facts about the rich and famous, and some are just interesting twists on stuff we probably already knew, but didn’t think about. Enjoy these eleven expanded real estate facts, and click on Inman News to see the original list!

Real Estate Fact: Builders in China can erect a thirty-story skyscraper in just fifteen days!

Expanded Fact: reports that a Chinese company, Broad Group, erected a thirty-story skyscraper hotel in just 15 days in January of 2013. The company accomplished some of their time savings by using pre-fabricated sections of the building and shipping them in for assembly on site. Zhang Yue, the man behind the project, claims that the super-fast build saved not just time and money, but saved resources and reduced waste. The company also claims the building is rated for a 9.0 level earthquake. Quite an accomplishment for 15 days!

Fun Fact: Here’s a link to the video of the 15 days of building!

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