Real Estate Fact: Robin Hood of the Depression Era

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Recently we came across an article online on Inman News, about “Eleven Amazing Real Estate Facts” that really caught our attention, so we took a look at each one, and decided to share them with you one at a time! Some are simply tidbits about foreign real estate customs, some are facts about the rich and famous, and some are just interesting twists on stuff we probably already knew, but didn’t think about. Enjoy these eleven expanded real estate facts, and click on Inman News to see the original list!

Real Estate Fact: Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd was a Depression era gangster who was cheered on by the public because he destroyed mortgage documents when he robbed banks, freeing some homeowners of their debts!

Expanded Fact: says that while he robbed banks in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, he often destroyed mortgage documents. Since those were the only copies, the banks couldn’t pursue collections without proof of the debt. This endeared him to stressed-out homeowners during the Great Depression. One of the reasons he was so hard to catch was that the local fans protected him from the police.

Fun Fact: Not just a pretty face: Another nickname for Charles Floyd was “Robin Hood of the Cooksoon Hills”, given to him for his bank robbing, mortgage destroying ways.

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