Real Estate Fact: Opening Red Doors

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Recently we came across an article online on Inman News, about “Eleven Amazing Real Estate Facts” that really caught our attention, so we took a look at each one, and decided to share them with you one at a time! Some are simply tidbits about foreign real estate customs, some are facts about the rich and famous, and some are just interesting twists on stuff we probably already knew, but didn’t think about. Enjoy these eleven expanded real estate facts, and click on Inman News to see the original list!

Real Estate Fact: In Scotland, home owners paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage!

Expanded Fact:, a building company, named their company after the red door tradition. They say there are a bunch of traditions you can choose from if you like a red front door. In Early America, a red front door meant that a traveler could find welcome there, and in Civil War times it meant a safe station on the Underground Railroad. In China, red is still a lucky color and a red door welcomes good fortune and good energy into a home. In Viet Nam, red means protection and a red door keeps away the evil spirits and bad luck. Any way you look at it, from every culture, a red door is a good thing.

Fun Fact: Albert Einstein’s head was so filled with physics equations that he was a little absent-minded about day-to-day details. He painted the door of his house red so he could remember which home was his!

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