When In Doubt, BE Tasteful

You want to change the exterior look of your home, and you’re not sure about the color scheme or design.

Hello Kitty Exterior Paint Job

While there are television shows about fixing up your home and using creative solutions, now is not the time to go crazy. You want your home to look classy and blend in with the neighborhood- not stand out like a sore thumb. (You must click those links for entertainment purposes!)

Choose a main color with one or two trim colors. Sherwin-Williams has a drag and drop feature where you load a photo of your home and you can ‘try on’ color combinations. Drive through various neighborhoods and note the color of homes which appeal to you. Ask you local paint specialist to help with your color choices. Benjamin Moore has photos of classic home styles throughout the country and suggested palettes. For an older home, this link offers detailed suggestions for the right color choice.

Last of all, you need to decide if you’ll paint the home yourself or hire a professional. There are pros and cons to each.

Have good taste, use good paint, and prep with proper care; you’re off to a beautiful home!

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