Loving Your Large Lot: 7 Tips for Caring for a Yard with Acreage

Terry Zellar, REALTOR Author - Terry Zellar

Timesavers and working smarter, to adding value and enjoyment, this list will help you get the most out of a yard with acreage!

caring for a yard with acreage

Are you overwhelmed by your double lot, a yard with acreage, or a larger-than-life yard?

A double lot can mean managing over half an acre of mowing, trimming, landscaping, weeding, and other yard work. But having enough room to spread out and enjoy your yard can be well worth the extra effort! Here are 7 tips for caring for a larger than normal property…from timesavers and working smarter, to adding value and enjoyment, we hope this list will help you get the most out of living large!

  1. Mow, mow mow your lawn: Ride-on mowing machines aren’t just for rural property. Popular Mechanics has great suggestions for whether you’ll need a riding mower, lawn tractor, or garden tractor and does a great job explaining the differences in performance and cost. Larger machines offer extra versatility with snow-blade, leaf-vacuum, and other attachments. A ride-on mowing machine can cut your lawn-care time in half, and assist in fertilizing, and aerating your lawn as well as with leaf collection and snow removal.
  2. No man is an island: Consider hiring a lawn service to do your mowing and trimming. With the large jobs done weekly, you are freed up to take care of the flowers and gardens or fun spaces that make your home unique. Want to simply enjoy your yard without the work? Many local landscaping companies will happily take care of all your yard-care needs. If you can get several neighbors together, negotiate for a discount! Lawn-care and landscaping companies know they lose time and money commuting from one neighborhood to the next, having multiple customers close together is good for them and you!
  3. Intelligent design: Design your landscape to minimize the time and effort it takes to care for your yard. Create flowerbeds with shade plants under trees to avoid having to pay extra attention to shady patches of grass. Add a deep layer of mulch around trees and bushes and in flowerbeds to discourage weeds. Hate mowing that hill in your yard? Consider adding a terraced garden to that area and eliminate mowing on a slant! Use a large sunny space to plan a vegetable garden, and use raised beds with mulched paths to cut down on maintenance and back strain.
  4. A sheltering tree: Break up large stretches of grass by planting a few trees. Larger trees such as maple, oak, or walnut should be planted well away from your home, and away from buried power and water lines to minimize upkeep and potential damage. Fruit and nut trees offer delicious gifts in season, although be aware that they require more attention than ornamental trees. Placed strategically, trees can shade driveways, parking pads, and patios, or even lower your cooling costs in the summer. Love decorating for the holidays? Small ornamental deciduous and evergreen trees can improve curb appeal and give you a framework for outdoor holiday decorating!
  5. All work and no play: Create play space within your lot, for children and adults. Love to swim? Add an aboveground or in-ground pool. If driveway basketball risks the windows in your home, pour a concrete pad and create dedicated space for your game away from windows and siding. Love to entertain? Add a patio and fire pit. Are you fond of birds and other wildlife? Consider adding a water feature or a small pond to encourage all kinds of birds and animals to visit for a refreshing drink.
  6. Dream, dream, dream: A large lot allows you the luxury of building your dream deck, patio, or gazebo to fit perfectly with your dream home. Whether you want a full outdoor kitchen, an alfresco dining area, or a fire pit with enough seating for a scout troop, a larger yard gives you the space and the freedom to design outdoor living space that fits your lifestyle. A bonus? A structure with a larger footprint means less mowing. Three cheers!
  7. Man caves and she-sheds: Consider an outbuilding. No longer limited to barns and garages, the newest structures are all about you. Love to garden? Add a potting shed or a greenhouse. Are you an avid woodworker or mechanic? Create the ultimate hobby spot for tools and workspace. She-sheds are a new invention, places for the lady of the house to grab some peace and quiet, perhaps to work on her hobbies or catch up on her reading.

Did we miss anything? What tips would you add to the list?

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