Considerations when buying a property with a pool

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Five Considerations When Buying a Home with a Pool


  1. Look at your area geographically to determine if a pool enhances or detracts from a home’s value.
    1. In Florida, a home with a pool adds to a home’s value. In Springfield, Ohio, your home value may go down.
    2. Consider resale: there are areas in the US that homeowners are hesitant about a pool, considering them a liability for their children, or reluctant to pay higher homeowner’s insurance. Warmer climates often require a home to have a pool for proper value due to the heat.
  2. Consider the budget related to pool ownership.
    1. There are chemical costs, extra electricity for heating the water, higher insurance, a pool cleaning system, a possible required fence due to insurance restrictions, pool covers, toys, life jackets, and proper landscaping to avoid leaves and shrubbery affecting the water. Factor all the costs into your annual budget.
  3. Complete a pool inspection as well as a home inspection before the final purchase.
    1. This step is critical. You may have a pool liner that needs replaced, a slow water leak, a water heater that is not working properly, or a non-functioning filter system.
  4. Think about the ways a pool will add to your lifestyle. Your ultimate decision should always come down to what enjoyment YOU will derive from it.
    1. Do you have an active social life? Having a pool as an entertainment center for parties and get-togethers can be wonderful.
    2. Is fitness important to you? Exercising in a pool is low-impact, refreshing, and healthy.
    3. Do you need to unwind after a stressful day? Soaking in cool water, with a glass of lemonade or wine while watching the sunset, can help relax both body and soul.
  5. Discuss these tips, your concerns, and needs with your Columbus Team REALTOR to get feedback specific to your area and neighborhood.

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