From the Realtor’s Mouth: Insider Tips for Homeowners

Home-Talk-Radio-thecolumbusteamThinking of selling your home and buying a new one? Get the inside scoop on the best way to get ahead of your competition this Saturday on the radio!

Sue Lusk-Gleich, creator of the highly successful The Columbus Team of Realtors, will be speaking on HOMETALK from 10-11 a.m. Saturday, February 1 with Stacey Goodwill of Loan One Lender. The HOMETALK show can be heard live on 98.9 FM and 880 AM. For the techno-savvy, you can download the app iheartradio and listen on your cell phone.

Get the latest information on the best time to sell a home, pricing tips and secrets, how The Columbus Team sells homes quickly, choosing a lender that meets your needs, and more. This hour-long conversation will give you the tools you need for a fast home sale at a high market price. Information is power- take the stress out of your home sale and tune in to this essential information.

7 Quick Tips to Save A/C Costs in Your Home

7 tips to save money air-conditionerAs spring advances with its greenery and flowers, it’s wise to plan in advance for the hot and humid summer season that is around the corner. Here are seven quick tips to save money while air conditioning your home:

  1. First step- common sense. Close the window coverings to keep the heat of the sun outside. Turn off most lights (they generate heat) and limit your use of the stove or oven.
  2. Check for air leaks in your home. This can include windows, doors, poorly-constructed vents, and wall outlets. Use a lit candle to see if there’s any air movement on a windy day.
  3. Once the leaky culprits are found, seal them off. There are many products available: spray foam, window and door weather stripping, caulking, etc. Talk to your local hardware person for advice on the best fix.
  4. Keep your air conditioner in good running condition. You’ll save money in cooling costs to have a serviceman check out your central air conditioner in late spring before the first heat wave arrives. Refrigerant leaks and dirty air conditioning coils are the two biggest reasons for sub-par cooling in the home.
  5. Make sure the AC ducts in the attic are properly sealed at the joint and all ductwork is insulated. Ten to thirty percent of cooled air escapes because of these two fixable items.
  6. Clean your AC filters! This commonly-neglected chore reduces AC efficiency and uses up more electricity.
  7. For window air conditioners, be sure you have insulation around the entire shape of the air conditioner. Use strips of sturdy foam insulation and cut each piece to slight oversize to fit the space between the side of the air conditioner and the window. Use a putty knife to push the foam into place. Also be sure to keep the air conditioner filter changed frequently.

Open House & Showing Appointments: Pet Preparations

You want to make a fabulous first impression when buyers come to see your home. Serious buyers are instinctively looking for negatives; every bad thing in their mind equals a decreased value.

You’ve spruced, picked up, and cleaned. You’ve cut the grass, pulled the weeds, and planted new flowers. Your last chore is to de-pet your home.

First off, read Prevent “Pet-itis” When Selling Your Home. It’s a fact: if your house smells like pets, you’re not going to sell it. Be sure the inside smells as good as it looks.

Next, go outside and remove any evidence that a pet lives in your home (a.k.a., pet poo). The last thing you want is for an excited buyer to step in a nasty surprise while walking around your yard.

While a buyer is visiting your home, have all your pets incognito. Fido, Fluffy and Polly must be away from the property. This is very important, and sellers can botch a sale by having their pets ‘meet and greet’ buyers. The future owner of your home may hate pets, be terrified of being attacked, or be allergic. They may believe that animals should not be in the home. Pack them up in your vehicle and go for a drive, or visit family. If your lifestyle makes it impossible to be there to remove your pets, consider letting your pet grandpa or auntie arrange a long-term visit while selling your home.

Remove all food dishes, doggie beds, kitty toys, bones, pet food, etc. during the visit. Pack them in the trunk of your car, or put them inside a dog crate in the garage or closet and cover the crate.

Proper pet preparation takes time and patience. The things you do to ensure your pets stay safe and out of the way is well worth the effort.

Your First Date with a Buyer: Curb Appeal

Exterior of Traditional Brick HouseYou want a quick sale of your home so you can move on to your Future Life plans. In order to do that, you must get buyers inside your home.

First impressions count- think of it like a first date from a dating service. If you don’t work to make a good impression, that buyer isn’t interested in a second date (as in a scheduled showing). Many buyers do a “drive-by” viewing of your home. When there’s no curb appeal, they keep on driving.

Here are five simple ways to clean up your act:

  1. Listen up- Stand across the street with a friend or neighbor. Take a critical look at your property and listen to the feedback. Is there junk or toys in the yard? Does the house look a little dingy? How would you rate your landscaping? Any dings in the garage door? Is the lawn neatly cut and edged?
  2. Clean up- Get a power washer and hose down all that dirt and grime from your home. Wash the windows and clean out the gutters. Power-wash the sidewalks and driveway.
  3. Trim up- Cut back overgrown bushes and trees. Add a clean edge to the gardens. Pick up dead leaves and vegetation. Add mulch to gardens that look drab.
  4. Spiff up- Think of this as wearing a great outfit for a date. Paint needed trim, doors, or gutters. Add colorful flowers to your gardens. Put a pot or two of evergreens or flowers on your front porch,
  5. Get sexy- Yes, you read that right. You may want to paint your front door a bright red or blue. Add new door hardware to replace the existing dingy hardware. Replace that beat-up mailbox with an attractive new one. Add a border on either side of your sidewalk with flagstones.

Now you’re ready for the first date. You’ve added great curb appeal, and the buyers will appreciate it. Let the buyer showings begin!

Central Ohio Utility Contact Information


Central Ohio Utilities

Area Electric Gas Water
Columbus 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Arlington 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Bexley 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-235-0856
Canal Winchester 800-524-0802 800-344-4077 614-837-7716
Delaware 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 740-368-1527
Dublin 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Gahanna 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-471-3827
Grove City 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Groveport 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-836-5301
Hilliard 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Lancaster 800-672-2231 740-687-6627 740-687-6627
Marysville 937-642-1826 800-344-4077 937-644-9858
New Albany 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Obetz 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-491-7804
Pataskala 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 740-964-6275
Pickerington 800-524-0802 800-344-4077 614-837-3974
Powell 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 740-548-7746
Reynoldsberg 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-322-6811
Sunbury 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 740-965-2684
West Jefferson 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-879-8655
Westerville 901-6430 800-344-4077 614-901-6430
Worthington 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 614-645-8270
Baltimore 800-277-2177 800-344-4077 740-862-8550
Violet Township 800-524-0802 800-344-4077 614-837-3974

Central Ohio Landline Telephone Service Providers

AT&T Ohio 800-288-2020
Century Link 800-201-4099
Frontier 800-921-8101
Verizon 800-837-4966

Central Ohio Broadband Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Service Providers

AT&T U-verse 800-288-2020
Comcast/xFinity 800-934-6489
Dish 888-656-2461
Direct TV 877-659-2047
Frontier 800-921-8101
Spectrum 866-336-5608
WOW 866-496-9669
Verizon 800-837-4966