Your First Date with a Buyer: Curb Appeal

Courtney Weber, Columbus REALTOR Author - Courtney Weber
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First impressions count - curb appeal is like a first date. If you don't make a good impression, that buyer isn't interested in a 2nd date (or showing).

You want a quick sale of your home so you can move on to your Future Life plans. In order to do that, you must get buyers inside your home.

First impressions count- think of it like a first date from a dating service. If you don’t work to make a good impression, that buyer isn’t interested in a second date (as in a scheduled showing). Many buyers do a “drive-by” viewing of your home. When there’s no curb appeal, they keep on driving.

Here are five simple ways to clean up your act and improve curb appeal:

1. Listen up

Stand across the street with a friend or neighbor. Take a critical look at your property and listen to the feedback. Is there junk or toys in the yard? Does the house look a little dingy? How would you rate your landscaping? Any dings in the garage door? Is the lawn neatly cut and edged?

2. Clean up

Get a power washer and hose down all that dirt and grime from your home. Wash the windows and clean out the gutters. Power-wash the sidewalks and driveway.

3. Trim up

Cut back overgrown bushes and trees. Add a clean edge to the gardens. Pick up dead leaves and vegetation. Add mulch to gardens that look drab.

4. Spiff up

Think of this as wearing a great outfit for a date. Paint needed trim, doors, or gutters. Add colorful flowers to your gardens. Put a pot or two of evergreens or flowers on your front porch.

5. Get sexy

Yes, you read that right. You may want to paint your front door a bright red or blue. Add new door hardware to replace the existing dingy hardware. Replace that beat-up mailbox with an attractive new one. Add a border on either side of your sidewalk with flagstones.

Now you’re ready for the first date. You’ve added great curb appeal, and the buyers will appreciate it. Let the buyer showings begin!

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