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  • 10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Home Might Make

    10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Home Might Make

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    The New Year is a time we evaluate ourselves. We at The Columbus Team know houses, so here are 10 New Year’s resolutions your home might make for a fresh start.

  • squeeze a little extra cash out of your heating system

    11 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Cash out of your Heating System this Winter

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    The holidays are over, and you’re settling in for the, hopefully not, long winter.  Your pond and irrigation system are winterized, but after the expense of the holiday season, you may not be looking forward to the upcoming heating bills as the thermometer drops. Take a moment to read our previous post about all the […]

  • Spring Cleaning - Downsize with a Heart

    Spring Clean and Downsize With a Heart

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    Spring is in the air! Are you in the midst of a spring clean or move? Are you overwhelmed? We get it. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor Downsize With a Heart. They know that moving can be challenging, particularly for older adults who have a home full of wonderful memories. Downsize With a Heart […]

  • How to go green at home - what environmental changes to make

    How to Go Green at Home

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    Many of us are concerned about the environment, but feel overwhelmed at the amount of advice out there about what we should do as homeowners. There are dozens of suggestions on how to go green at home. We’ve put together a list for you, ordered by the size of investment required…not just financial investment, but […]

  • Is your house haunted?

    Is Your House Haunted?

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    Is your house haunted? If you’re not actually seeing ghosts, but you are experiencing some creepy sensations, your house may be trying to tell you something. Sometimes it’s a cry for help, other times it’s just a little greeting from an aging building. Do your overhead lights flicker when you turn them on? It might […]

  • Downsize with a Heart

    The Columbus Team Helps You Downsize with a Heart!

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    Are you considering downsizing to make it easier to age in place? Many Central Ohioans are retiring and starting to think about the future. Included in those considerations are potential changes to their homes and lifestyles. They are looking to live easier, active lives, from a location in which they can age in place. The […]