Is Your House Haunted?

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Is your house haunted?

Is your house haunted?

Is your house haunted? If you’re not actually seeing ghosts, but you are experiencing some creepy sensations, your house may be trying to tell you something. Sometimes it’s a cry for help, other times it’s just a little greeting from an aging building.

Do your overhead lights flicker when you turn them on? It might be ghouls, but it’s more likely to be electrical arcing caused by loose electrical connections in your wiring or fixture. Your house is asking for an electrician. Arcing can cause fires, so it’s worth the cost.

Creaking and groaning can be truly frightening, but it’s usually just normal noise a house makes as it “settles” or ages. If a creaky floor is waking the baby or haunting you…sift a little talcum powder between the floor boards to quiet the squeak. Avoid cornstarch, as it attracts and holds water, which can damage your floors over time.

Smelling something foul? Demons are supposed to smell of sulphur, but so do many kinds of bacteria, which is far more likely. Run the water in your sink, and take a sniff. Smell that rotten egg scent of sulphur? The next step is to pour a glass of hot water from the tap, walk into another room and sniff the water. If the water smells of sulphur, call a plumber to help you disinfect your water heater. It may need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled. If the glass of water smells clean, your drain is most likely growing some icky bacteria. Pour a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide into the drain and let it sit without running water for 20 minutes, so that it has a chance to kill the bacteria growing in the drain elbow. Then flush with hot water. The sulphurous scent should be gone.

Find the cause of spooky sights, smells, and sounds in your home, so that you can stop wondering if your house is haunted, and go back to enjoying the home of your dreams.