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  • Ohio REALTORS Back First-Time Home Buyer Savings Act

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    On June 15, Ohio REALTOR Brian Whitta, from Findlay, testified in support of Bill 139 or the First-Time Home Buyer Savings Act. Introduced by Senators Teresa Gavarone and Bob Peterson, the bill is to create a savings account for potential Ohio homeowners. The bill was brought before the House Ways and Means Committee, where Whitta […]

  • 4 Myths of buying vs renting

    4 Myths About Homeownership

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    According to recent studies, some 20.4 million renter households paid more than 30 percent of their incomes for housing in 2019. Economic fallout during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a rental affordability crisis in the USA. Rising rents and limited housing have increase pressure on moderate-income households. People rent for a lot of reasons, […]

  • Advice for First Time Home Buyers - couple reviewing finances

    Advice for First Time Home Buyers

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    Buying a house for the first time can churn up all kinds of emotions. From exhilarating to nerve-racking, it’s an experience that you will need to be prepared for. We’ve put together some advice for first time home buyers to make your purchase run as smoothly as possible. An important step is to go see […]

  • Make the Leap from Rent to Mortgage! (chalkboard rent to buy)

    Make the Leap from Rent to Mortgage!

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    If you have been saving for a down payment and dreaming of owning your own home, you may feel like you’re ready to make the leap from rent to mortgage. You’ve been looking at your budget, and your future, and want to build equity in a home of your own. That’s the American dream! The […]

  • What Does a REALTOR Do When I'm Buying a Home?

    What Does a REALTOR Do When I'm Buying a Home?

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    You know your Buyer’s Agent searches homes for sale on the internet, schedules appointment to see them, and drives over to the viewing, right? So, aside from that, what does a REALTOR do?  Why should you engage one? REALTORS do so much more for you than simply searching for homes based on your criteria and […]

  • Home Costs for Planning a New Homeowner Budget

    Home Costs for Planning a New Homeowner Budget

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    Homeowner Budget Why discuss a homeowner’s budget? Because there are expenses many first-time buyers don’t think of when talking to lenders about how much home they can afford. Your lender will discuss the mortgage payment (usually estimated to include your actual mortgage, property taxes, and can include mortgage insurance (PMI), and perhaps even your homeowner’s […]