Yum! Taste a World of Flavors at the North Market!

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Indulge your taste buds in a world of flavors at North Market. Plan your visit now and experience the vibrant food scene that awaits you.

North Market Columbus OH

Come for lunch and nosh at the plentiful tables on the second floor balcony overlooking the North Market. Everyone in the family can choose their favorite cuisine, and still eat together! Sushi, curry, Polish sausage, Italian pasta, deli sandwiches, and so much more to choose from! Then browse the market shops and stalls, enjoy a sweet treat for dessert, and go home with ingredients for a fabulous home-cooked dinner (or a fabulous heat-and-eat dinner) and flowers for the table, to boot!

The North Market is an indoor market boasting dozens of independent vendors and has acted as an incubator for many small businesses gone big, including Jeni’s Ice Creams!

North Market

There is a greengrocer, butchers, delis, many ethnic food stalls representing at least 5 continents of cuisine, bakeries, candy shops, fishmongers, spice merchants and tea and coffee vendors. Not to mention cookware and kitsch shops!

Kids love the sights and flavors, parents love the exquisite food and people watching. This is a place that makes everyone happy and eager to return again and again!

Adults will be interested in the Dispatch cooking school, the wine-tastings and beer tastings, and the live music and farmers market on the weekends.

Mondays are not recommended, because while the Market is open, many of the vendors are closed.

Open Sundays and Mondays 10AM-5PM, Tuesdays through Saturdays 9AM-7PM. Parking is hourly, but validation is offered by market merchants for a discount.

North Market – Downtown
59 Spruce Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Please note, this information was correct as of the writing date, but things do happen to cause changes that we cannot predict. Contact the venue directly for up-to-the-moment information.

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