Eat Local, It’s Good for You! The Benefits of Eating Local Foods

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Discover the benefits of eating local foods and how it positively impacts your health. Explore the Columbus food scene and find local gems near you.

Central Ohio Farmers Markets

Eating local is good for you! But how is it any different than eating the foods from grocery stores? Here are the benefits of eating local foods.

The 7 Benefits of Eating Local Foods

1. Local food is very fresh!

Food grown in your own community isn’’t imported from distant states or countries like a lot of supermarket items. Travel time can take it’s toll on the freshness of your food and the deliciousness of your dish. 

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you that the fresher the ingredients are, the better the dish will taste! Local foods like eggs are usually fresher if they’re local than if they’re not as well. 

2. It’s more nutritious!

The transportation, processing, and storage all contribute to supermarket produce being less nutritious than local produce. For example, vitamin C is an important water-soluble nutrient that degrades in fruits and veggies shortly after they’re harvested! Say yes to all that healthy goodness.

3. You discover new foods.

Shopping at your local farmers markets may introduce you to new or unique foods grown in your area. It’s the difference between buying cheese at the supermarket or cave-aged cheese at the farmer’s market. Who even knew they made cave-aged cheese around here?!

4. It’s environmentally friendly.

Buying local lowers your carbon footprint and wastes less! Local foods travel shorter distances to markets than products from other areas. Their transport contributes less to pollution than foods that make longer trips. 

Farmers markets are more likely to sell food without plastic packaging and you can bring your own reusable bags to carry the items home! Let’s hear it for sustainability!

5. It supports your regional economy.

The more food you buy locally, the more manpower is needed by those producing the food. It also keeps your money circulating within the local community. Way to support your local economy!

6. You learn how the food you eat is grown.

Do you know how cheese is made? I bet the cheese makers do! Sneaking in a little educational fun for the kids during the weakly grocery shop is a bonus many don’t expect!

7. It’s easy!

All you have to do is head to your local farmers market! Many farmer’s markets these days sell meats, milks, cheeses, and other treats in addition to veggies and fruits! So, take a day to vist your neighborhood farmer’s markets and enjoy central Ohio’s regional fruits, veggies, herbs, and more!

Farmers Markets To Explore Around Central Ohio

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