Your Property Taxes: Tax Levy Estimator

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The upcoming elections include several levy proposals which can affect property taxes, so you may be wondering how the vote will affect your taxes. Have you seen the information from the Franklin or Delaware County Auditors about their new Tax Levy Estimator?

Both county auditors offer these simple apps on their websites to help property owners see exactly what effect proposed tax levies would have on property taxes. Easy to use and understand, they are great tools for any homeowner.

Franklin County Tax Levy Estimator

Delaware County Tax Levy Estimator

Simply enter your Parcel Number or property address, and the app shows you your current tax rates, credits, each current and proposed tax levy and its effect on your property taxes.

This information helps you choose which tax levies you want to support and to plan ahead for the impact they’ll have on your taxes. It also helps keep you informed on how your property tax dollars are spent: Schools, mental health programs, first responder funds (fire fighters, police, etc.), public utilities, children’s services, parks, the zoo, and more.

The Columbus Team is pleased you have access to these 2 great tools to help Franklin and Delaware County residents understand your property taxes and the proposed tax levies on the ballot this election!

Note: If you don’t live in Franklin or Delaware County, check with your County Auditor for online tool availability.

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