12 Housewarming Gifts On Trend for the Holidays

Lisa Viertel Author - Lisa Viertel

The holidays are coming up and you’re wondering what to get your favorite new homeowner? Or perhaps you’re looking for something to spiff up your own new home! We have some great ideas for trendy gifts in all price ranges!

When it comes to housewarming gifts, you want something that not only warms the house but also warms the heart. Here are stylish and thoughtful housewarming gift ideas to make your loved ones feel welcome in their new home:

Celebrate the Season with These Housewarming Gifts

  1. Candles: Scented, unscented, filled with metallic animal skeletons or in reusable containers, candles have been a trendy and traditional gift forever! Priced from $17-150.
  2. Digital Frame: Once a small item designated for the office desk, these digital frames are now living room worthy and programmable to display a single piece of art, or a slide show.
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser: A virtually silent device filled with water and a few drops of essential oil can make your home smell delicious. With or without lights, these little devices are becoming a home necessity, and some have various wood or stone accents and are beautifully crafted. They are from $10 to more than $100.
  4. Himalayan Salt: From a culinary salt set to stone-like drink ware, to lamps made of this mineral, and even to the perfect seafood grilling slab, Himalayan salt is definitely found in the trendiest of homes.
  5. Home Automation: From door locks, to lights, to cameras, these products allow you to use a smart phone to control your home systems for greater comfort and peace of mind. Price varies from $28 for an outdoor camera or security sensor, to $400+ for a package system.
  6. Local Treats: From Jeni’s Ice Cream to Anthony Thomas Candies, local treats are always a favorite housewarming gift. Consider visiting a local shop in the homeowner’s new neighborhood, too, and adding the business card to your gift so your loved ones can begin exploring their new neighborhood, too!
  7. Organizers: From key racks, to makeup caddies, to kitchen utensil organizers, these handy devices help your favorite new homeowner love their new castle even more! $8-80
  8. Planters: Whether wall mounted, smart, or as a part of a living garden, planters can be a very trendy gift…you just have to look for an on-trend expression of a traditional favorite! $12-200
  9. Pillow cases: Not just your average linens, these trendy items are anything but sleepy. Coordinated to send a message, mark territory, act as art, or thrill kids of all ages, there’s a set out there for any taste.
  10. Robot Vacuum: These handy little gadgets work around furniture to quietly suck up dust and dirt while you’re away or asleep. Programmable and self-charging, they’re a great gift idea in the upper price range.
  11. Smart Appliances: From coffee makers to refrigerators, to automatic pet feeders, appliances are now smart and connectable to your smartphone or home computer. Start your morning coffee without getting out of bed… check if you need milk by looking remotely into your smart fridge. Prices vary.
  12. Video Doorbell: Connected to WiFi, this handy device triggers an app on your smartphone to allow you to see who is at the door, even when you’re not at home!

Feeling inspired by these trendy housewarming gifts for the holidays? Don’t wait! Start your holiday shopping now and choose the perfect gift to make your loved ones’ new home even more special. Whether it’s candles, smart home gadgets, or local treats, there’s something for every homeowner. Make their housewarming a memorable one by picking the ideal gift today.

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