Parent BLISS at the Firefly Play Cafe!

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Firefly Play Cafe provided a sanctuary for parents and kids in Columbus. Although closed, explore more family-friendly attractions with The Columbus Team!

Update: The Firefly Play Cafe is permanently closed.

We’re labeling the Firefly Play Cafe a true sanity-saver for parents of tots… especially on those cooped-up crazy rainy days where the kids just want to run free, and you’re wishing for adult conversation or a moment to read a magazine and relax a bit. Here it is! This is a rainy day destination NOT to be missed by families with young children. A parent’s daydream, Firefly Play Cafe offers clean, modern, indoor play space for kids, and a cafe for their adults.

With areas for large motor and fine motor skills, art, music and story programs, this place is a magnet for the under-6 set. Coffee and tea for adults, and a time to regain all YOUR marbles!

Keep an eye on their website or Facebook page for special events, and remember them for parties, too.

Open Monday from 9-5, Tuesday 9-8, Weds-Friday from 9-5, and Saturdays 9-1.
Admission is 12-24 months $5, 2 and up $8 and adults are FREE!

Firefly Play Cafe
4822 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43214

While we’re sad to share that Firefly Play Cafe is permanently closed, we invite you to explore other family-friendly destinations in Columbus with The Columbus Team!

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