60 Days of Summer: Conquer the “What can we do?” Blues!

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Discover 60 amazing destinations in Central Ohio with "60 Days of Summer"! Our carefully crafted list guarantees endless fun for you and your family.

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60 Days of Summer Fun in Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus Team invites you to explore the wonderful, welcoming city of Columbus. Discover 60 amazing destinations in Central Ohio with “60 Days of Summer”!

Join us on social media each day over the summer for an exciting adventure. Will it be a park? A museum? Perhaps swimming? Or climbing?

We have put together a list of 60+ of our favorite places in and around Central Ohio, so you and your family can discover and play in a new spot every day this summer!

Highbanks Metro Park Trail - 60 Days of Summer

Explore one of the best places to live in Ohio and the United States! Our 60 Days of Summer series includes parks, playgrounds, museums, and fun landmarks that meet a wide variety of tastes for all ages. We even made sure that most of them are free or very low cost. Bright and sunny summer weather means getting outside, maybe taking a swim or frolicking in a fountain or spray park. And for those occasional rainy days, we’ve included indoor destinations that promise just as much fun.

Want to splurge a little? There are a few moderately priced places where you can create lasting memories that are well worth the price of admission.

If you are new to Columbus and Central Ohio, this list is a great way to explore and learn about your new home town. For experienced residents of the area, you are sure to find new spots you had not visited yet, and old familiar favorites that were forgotten and waiting to see you again!

We wish all of our clients, neighbors, friends, and family a safe and happy summer.


Sue Lusk-Gleich and The Columbus Team