Upper Arlington’s Solid Waste Program

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Upper Arlington’s Solid Waste Program

Upper Arlington’s Solid Waste ProgramThe City of Upper Arlington’s solid waste program is changing on February 5th. Here’s the basic information to help our UA neighbors prepare for the changes!

Cost: There will be one standard fee of $227, billed at $113.50 twice a year. You don’t need to purchase stickers, and yard waste and bulk items will be included at no extra cost. Containers will be provided and maintained by Local Waste, and in most cases, can be replaced at no extra cost.

Still have stickers? The city will reimburse you for your old stickers when you complete a Solid Waste Sticker Reimbursement form.

Senior? If the homeowner/head of household is 60 years of age or older, you can fill out a Senior Discount form for a $20 annual discount. Premium service fees are not discounted.

Medical Exemption: Are you disabled and unable to roll your containers to the curb? Fill out a Medical Exemption form to qualify for at-the-door collection.

Premium service: If you have chosen to pay $387 extra for at-the-door collection service for trash, you can continue this service, renewing annually. This will now include recycling, too. Yard waste and bulk items MUST be at the curb, however.

Containers: Residents are assigned a standard 65-gallon container unless they requested a larger 95-gallon one by December 8th. Trash container size does not affect price. New containers are being delivered now, but please do NOT use them until February 5, 2018. You can also affix a free YARD WASTE sticker on your old container after February 5th to convert the old container to a yard waste bin…or place provided “Take Me” cards on old containers you do not want to use as yard waste bins.

Timing: Please have all waste containers, yard waste containers, and bulk items on your curb by 7am on your assigned pick up days. Assigned pick up days will not change.

Questions? Issues? Please call the City of Upper Arlington at 614-583-5350.

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