Tips for Moving With Kids and Pets

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Moving day. It brings a mix of emotions and details to organize. And moving with kids or pets adds another layer of planning. 

We want to put you at ease and decrease the stress of your move. There are ways to ensure the move to your new home will run smoothly. Preparation is key. 

Follow these tips to prepare for your move with a family and pets…

Moving with Kids

  • If your kids will be changing schools find ways to help soothe the emotional impact it may have. Get a photo of their new teacher/s and school so your children can start to visualize the new environment. And if you’re moving during the school year, be sure to take extra steps to ease the transition.
  • Involve your kids in the move. Ask your kids to help write lists to prepare for the move, allow them to choose a theme for their room decor, and give them opportunities to make some other decisions about the move as well.
  • Give your kids an essentials box. This is a box that they can pack with their favorite things and it will be the first box to be opened once you arrive at the new house. An added touch like this will help your children have the comfort of familiar things with them from the start.
  • Consider purchasing your kids a move gift. This can be anything from new white board for their room or a baseball to new bedding or clothing. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, but an item they will enjoy and find comfort in.
  • Lower your expectations for the kids behavior on the day of your move. Be prepared to be patient and flexible. While you have a lot to do, some boxes can wait to be unpacked in order to attend to your kids needs during the transition.

Moving with Pets

  • Order a new tag for your pet or update your pet’s microchip with your new address.
  • Have at least a week’s worth of food and any necessary medication for your pet during the move.
  • Carry a large bottle of water from home for your pet’s drinking water, in case none is available for any period of time.
  • Establish a relationship with a vet close to your new home.
  • If traveling by air, consult your airline about rules and requirements for pet travel.
  • If you’re moving internationally, check on quarantine and health laws around importing a domestic animal.
  • Pack your pet’s bedding, favorite toys, and comfort objects with you, so they are available immediately upon arrival to the new home.
  • Upon arrival to your new home, double-check that fences, pet doors, and pet features are clean, free of hazards, and work smoothly with no possibility of escape.
  • Offer quiet, calm opportunities for your pet to explore additional indoor space and become acclimated with the new surroundings.
  • Even if your pet is normally safe off-leash, use the leash until your pet has settled in.

If you have additional tried-and-true tips for moving with kids and pets, leave a comment below!