The Second Best Season for Real Estate

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Fall is the second best season for real estate

Fall is the second best season for real estate

A few years ago my husband and I moved into our first home. Today we have two kids, three dogs and frequent out-of-town visitors. It’s easy to see that our quaint slide of paradise has been quickly outgrown. It took us awhile to decide whether or not we should add onto our current home or upgrade to a larger space in a different neighborhood, but we’ve finally decided on the latter. We’re moving. In order to move without any hassle, we know that we must sell our current home before purchasing something new. I know that we may have missed the boat by not selling during the prime selling spring and summer months, but I question if it is still possible to sell quickly in the fall? Is there anything we can do to improve our chances of selling so that we can be in our new home within the next couple of months?


A: Dear Vivienne,
Thanks you for taking the time to reach out. It’s best to have all of the information regarding current market trends and seasonal guidelines up front so that you can get everything you want out of your home sale. As for selling your home in the fall __ you’re entering the market at a great time. Though not as hot as the spring months for real estate, the fall is still a great time to enter the market. In fact, it’s the second best season for home sales.

As families return to norm from summer vacations and kids go back to school, everyone gets to settle into a relaxed 75-day stretch before the chaos of the holiday season sets in __ meaning this is a perfect time to sell or purchase a home. And don’t forget that most agents are eager to increase their sales before the third-quarter results are posted __ this means that their marketing will be more aggressive and their sales approach narrowed for a quick close.

Beyond the market and your agent, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of closing quickly. One of the best aspects of fall is of course the aesthetics. Make sure to clean up the yard and create curb appeal using autumn colors and decor. Rake any dead leaves from the lawn and make sure all entry paths are clearly visible. Cut away any summer vines and dead flowers and replace with popular autumn flowers or accent your front yard with potted plants and pumpkins.

Remember that throughout the summer, your HVAC might not have been top of mind. As the buyer will most likely have an inspector look at your HVAC, the best thing to do is to switch your furnace filter as soon as possible — You’re better off if you do this before listing your home. In most areas, the fall is when a homeowner will be preparing for the winter months, so better to replace necessities and nix any issues sooner than later.

I hope you’ve found this bit of advice helpful, and wish you the best of luck with your home sale. If you have any additional questions, I am always happy to lend a helping hand in your home selling experience.