The Columbus Team Helps You Downsize with a Heart!

Downsize with a Heart

Are you considering downsizing to make it easier to age in place? Many Central Ohioans are retiring and starting to think about the future. Included in those considerations are potential changes to their homes and lifestyles. They are looking to live easier, active lives, from a location in which they can age in place.

The Columbus Team REALTORS® are proud to sponsor the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio in their new social enterprise for central Ohio Seniors, Downsize with a Heart! Downsizing is a big effort: Finding just the right smaller home, sorting through a lifetime of possessions and furniture, and then finding a way to rehome the pieces that no longer fit in your smaller, more streamlined life. Many of our senior clients want to pass their gently used furniture and other items on to someone in need, but organizing that can be time-consuming and frustrating.

The Downsize team, expert staff with membership in the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) offers a personalized, fee-based, one-stop service for your home downsizing, moving and dispersal of unwanted items. They develop your custom transition plan while simultaneously generating you revenue through sales and potential furniture donations for local families in need.  Donations are tax deductible. If this sounds like something you or a family member may like to try, request a free consultation.

As a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist®, Sue Lusk-Gleich and The Columbus Team are ready to assist Central Ohio seniors with all their real estate needs, including downsizing and preparations to safely and comfortably age in place.

We are your REALTORS® with a Heart!
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From the Realtor’s Mouth: Insider Tips for Homeowners

Home-Talk-Radio-thecolumbusteamThinking of selling your home and buying a new one? Get the inside scoop on the best way to get ahead of your competition this Saturday on the radio!

Sue Lusk-Gleich, creator of the highly successful The Columbus Team of Realtors, will be speaking on HOMETALK from 10-11 a.m. Saturday, February 1 with Stacey Goodwill of Loan One Lender. The HOMETALK show can be heard live on 98.9 FM and 880 AM. For the techno-savvy, you can download the app iheartradio and listen on your cell phone.

Get the latest information on the best time to sell a home, pricing tips and secrets, how The Columbus Team sells homes quickly, choosing a lender that meets your needs, and more. This hour-long conversation will give you the tools you need for a fast home sale at a high market price. Information is power- take the stress out of your home sale and tune in to this essential information.

Why List Your Home for the Holidays?

Why List Your Home for the Holidays?

Many people consider taking their homes off the market over the holidays or decide to wait until the New Year to list their home.  Here are 6 reasons that suggest the holidays may be the perfect time to go into contract on your property!

Why list your home for the holidays?

  1. Many of us begin anew in January; new jobs, making dreams come true, fresh resolutions about living well, etc. That can include buying a dream house. Your home needs to be on the market now for the folks that want to move into a new home in the new year.
  2. Because the tax year ends December 31, many buyers will buy now, rather than waiting until January. These are very motivated buyers!
  3. This is the perfect time for sellers! Casual Looky-Loos are home with holiday parties and plans, only serious buyers are looking now.
  4. It’s the perfect conditions for listing. Your home is decorated and inviting, showing it’s best features…and the competition is limited, as other sellers take their homes off the market for a couple of months during the holidays.
  5. Smart sellers know they can list their home now to take advantage of the end of the tax year and serious holiday buyers and still enjoy the holidays in their current home. Sell now, and arrange for closing in the New Year!
  6. Your home looks great for the holidays, smells terrific, too, but you’re worried you should wait for “good weather” to show your home off to it’s best advantage? No worries! Display framed photos of your home in spring and summer in a prominent place, along with other info about the home. Buyers will respond to your smart marketing, and have a great idea of how fabulous your home is in the warmer months!