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  • Fierce Competition for Homes in Central Ohio

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    The following report maintains there is still fierce competition for homes in central Ohio because there is no shortage of buyers looking for homes despite inventory levels being down and sales prices rising. The half percent drop in mortgage rates helps the market keep moving. Read on for more details… Competition remains fierce for homes […]

  • Is “For Sale by Owner” Right for You?

    Is “For Sale by Owner” Right for You?

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    For many sellers, their REALTOR’s commission is a small price for making the home sale process go smoothly. For others, it’s enough to make them seriously consider selling their home themselves. Here are some of the jobs that a REALTOR does for a seller. Ask yourself if you’re ready to take on these jobs: The […]

  • Win-Win Contracts for Buyers and Sellers

    Win-Win Contracts for Buyers and Sellers

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      Buyers and Sellers are traditionally thought of as adversaries, and while it’s true they often square off during negotiations, it’s possible for both buyers and sellers to win in one home sale! Part of the secret is to understand the other point of view so you can negotiate a winning compromise! Home Buyers Buyers […]

  • Selling a home at Auction

    Selling a Home at Auction

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    Selling and buying your home through an auction has been a growing trend. Sales for 2008 totaled 56.8 billion dollars, according to the National Auctioneer Association, and the trend is growing, although still a small percentage of total residential sales. There are 3 kinds of auctions: 1. Auction without Reserve: Also called an Absolute Auction, […]

  • 10-considerations-for-sellers-multiple-offer

    10 Considerations for Sellers in a Multiple Offer Situation

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    You’ve listed your property and everyone who has seen it, LOVED it and now you’ve got multiple offers on the table.  It’s what every seller dreams of!  Multiple offers may not be as cut and dried as you imagine so here are some considerations to prepare you when you have multiple offers on your property. […]

  • Real-Estate-Timing

    In Real Estate, Timing is Everything!

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    You’ve heard people say that real estate is all about location, location, location…we agree, but we’d also add that in real estate, timing is everything! Buying and selling real estate is time sensitive from beginning to end. Here is a list of ways that timing is critical to real estate sales and how both you […]