Whistle a Happy Tune!

Columbus, Ohio is known for many famous people, inventions, and attractions.

If you just put your lips together, and blow, you’ll know that one of the most used instruments in America, with one of the strangest names (it’s an aerophone, don’t you know), is made right here in Columbus. The American Whistle Corporation is located on Huntley Road, and they are the only manufacturer in the United States of metal whistles.

We’ve talked about festivals, heritage sites, and seasonal offerings in the Columbus area. But the American Whistle company is one of those year ‘round places you can visit in the area; it has a history, its products play an important role every day of the year, and it’s another one of those companies you can be proud of.

For a low cost you and your group can get in on a tour of this part of our heritage.

In the spirit of the Science channel’s How It’s Made, you can join or form a 45-minute tour at American Whistle, and take in from beginning to end the entire metal whistle manufacturing process. Not as nerdy as it sounds, as you’ll catch a good glimpse of new, state-of-the-art equipment while there, as well as some of the equipment that was used at the beginning.

All tours are by appointment only, so you’ll want to phone (800) 876-2918 to find out when the next large tour will happen, so you and your small group of family or friends can join in. If you can guarantee a minimum of 15 people at $5/person, or agree to pay $75 for your group of less than 15 people, you can have your own tour. Tours take place between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Ever want to see “how that little ball gets inside of a whistle”? Well, take the tour!

To find out more about this truly unique part of America’s legacy before you get to the plant—remember, they’re the folks who make police whistles and whistles for the American Red Cross—please visit American Whistle Corporation website. The website, by the way, is extensive and interesting. And if you take the tour, don’t forget to stop in at their Gift Shop.