Overview Tour of Columbus

How would you to see a statue of King Gambrinus? Say what? Okay, let’s put that in another way: how would you like to see a statue of the unofficial patron saint of beer? Ah! It’s true, they’re one and the same, and yes there is a statue of this king in Columbus. In fact, there’s a lot more about Columbus—many hidden treasures—that are yours for the asking.

On her Capital City Tours website , Jean Hayward, ‘The Tour Lady’, has a lot to say, and offer.

Columbus is a city to be proud of, and it’s one with many wonderful surprises. There are landscapes to be seen, spiritual sites to be visited, tons of amazing history, architecture, and lots of culture. While you’ll have to go in with a group (Jean offers ‘step-on guide service’ only for groups), it will be worth it. For over a dozen years, Capital City Tours has been a member of Experience Columbus. And there is no lack of reasons for that. There are tons of reasons to be interested, and proud!

Pricing is varied but starts at $30 per person with a 2 person minimum.

For more information about what Capital City Tours has to offer, you can check out their website, shown above, or phone (614) 326-0942.