Resources for a Successful Start to the School Year

It’s that time again! School days are coming and parents are scrambling to get kids ready. Shopping the back-to-school sales, making sure the kids have the best school and lunch supplies, and getting them back on a school-ready sleep schedule are the top priorities for most parents.

Back to school shopping can be chaotic and tiring. A few minutes spent online can reduce the number of stores you need to visit, and can help you get a plan in place before you jump in the car. Check sites like,, and your favorite stores’ websites. While you browse for deals, coupons, and a strategy, keep your child/children’s supply list close at hand. If a store has a bunch of good coupons, or a great sale that covers the items you need, put that store on the list or print out those coupons for use at any store you choose.

Planning ahead for the right supplies and healthy lunches are also important items on the parental back-to-school list. Sometimes your child’s preferences steer your choices, and sometimes you have to think about health first. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends you purchase a backpack with wide, cushioned straps to prevent damage to your child’s back and shoulders. Once you find the ones with the cushy straps, Jimmy can pick his favorite color. If Joan hates carrots, those cool little packets of baby carrots just aren’t going to get eaten in the lunchroom. But the packets of apple slices might be a big hit! The AAP also warns against sending your child to school with soda or highly sugared drinks that can fill them up and cause them to dump the healthy items in the trash, uneaten. Stick to whole grains, fruits and veggies, and lean meats. Healthy food is fuel for growing brains!

Worried about getting your kids back on a school-year sleep schedule? Best Health magazine has a great article on how to gradually adjust your child’s schedule and how to make their room and their evenings sleep-friendly. Who knew you could start a week before school and end up with a kid who can roll out of bed on time for school?