Outdoor Decorating for Halloween: Spooktactular Curb Appeal!

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It’s time once again to consider how to approach your outdoor decorating for Halloween to increase your home's spooktacular curb appeal!

Bags of bite sized candies and loads of orange and black decorations have hit the stores, so it’s time again to consider how to approach your outdoor decorating for Halloween to increase your home’s spooktacular curb appeal! Choose the amount of effort and money you want to invest in celebrating one of America’s favorite holidays. You can DIY your decorations or visit your local home improvement, department, or party store to purchase all kinds of Halloween decor for outdoors, much of it can be carefully stored for re-use year after year. Whether you go for the simple, easy, low key decor, or you go all out Halloweentown for the holiday, we have some great decorating ideas and links to examples and directions to DIY! Whatever your level of Halloween spirit, you’ll love these outdoor decorating ideas!

Ideas on Outdoor Decorating for Halloween

Let’s Keep It Simple, Yet Spooky

The easiest way to decorate for Halloween is to swap out a few of your annual autumnal decorations for holiday versions. Easy-peasy decor swaps can make a world of difference:

1. Mums and Spider Webs

You know those gorgeous mums in your flower bed? Well, they can instantly turn into spooky delights with handmade mohair webs or some store-bought spider web decorations.

2. Wreath Transformation

Trade your autumn leaf and sunflower wreath for a spookier wreath that will thrill trick-or-treaters! Add a few plastic bats, and hang it proudly on your front door.

3. Mailbox Magic

Give your mailbox a Halloween makeover by wrapping it with an orange and black ribbon. Toss in a couple of plastic bats for an extra dash of spookiness.

4. Jack-o’-Lantern Love

Don’t forget the Jack-o’-lanterns! Slip a few Jack-o-lanterns into the pumpkin and gourd display on your front porch and you’re ready for the holiday!

Time to Elevate the Spook Factor

Simple swaps are nice, but do you want to go a little further? Take advantage of the easy swaps. Let’s crank it up a notch and create a truly immersive Halloween experience:

5. Silhouette Magic

Get crafty with some black paper or black garbage bags to create eerie silhouettes. Place them strategically on your storm door, windows, or around your landscape uplights for some eerie ambiance.

6. Ghostly Presence

Hang up some ghost ornaments around your yard. Whether they’re full-sized, gauzy figures gracing your porch columns or smaller ones floating amid your bushes and trees, they add a charming spookiness.

7. Enchanting Lighting

Put the final touch on your spooky curb appeal when you visit your local home improvement or department store and pick up a string or two of holiday lights. Choose creepy eyeballs, grinning zombie style jack-o-lanterns, or glowing witches on brooms… there’s a light for every spooky-fun Halloween theme!

Outdoor Decorating for Halloween idea with lighted pumpkin, skeleton, and ghosts

The Ultimate Halloween Spectacle

Ever wanted to go hog-wild for Halloween? Go for it! Be the owner of the house that thrills the trick-or-treaters, wows the neighbors, and get the maximum Halloween bang for your buck! Here are some grand ideas that will make your neighbors do a double-take:

8. Web and Moss Extravaganza

Imagine draping spider webs or Spanish moss over your home, trees, and bushes to create an otherworldly atmosphere.

9. Giant Spiders and Bats

Picture giant spiders or bats crawling up the sides of your home. These oversized decorations can be show-stoppers.

10. Create a Spooky Cemetery

Add a graveyard to your front yard… you can customize the headstones to be funny, ironic, historic, or just plain frightening! Get fancy and include a fence, or go old-school and allow visitors to explore.

11. Eerie Cauldron Fun

Whip up a creepy cauldron using dry ice and glow sticks. Decorate it with Spanish moss or even a rubber hand for that extra eerie flair.

12. Colored Lightbulbs

Swap out your regular landscape lightbulbs for colored ones. Green creates a monstrous glow, red adds a creepy ambiance, and blue casts a beautiful, ghostly light on your decor.

13. Life-Sized Figures

Strategically place life-sized figures around your property. You can create a full-blown haunted house scene in your garage or have them lounging around on your porch, ready to surprise your visitors.

14. Spooky Soundtrack

Take it up a notch by adding outdoor speakers that play a spooky soundtrack. The eerie sounds and music will take your Halloween decor to the next level.

No matter your outdoor decorating style, we hope these tips help you create a safe, fun, and wonderfully spooky Halloween celebration. So, get your creative juices flowing, embrace the spirit of the season, and turn your home a haunted house centerpiece of your neighborhood.

The Columbus Team wishes you a very safe, fun, and happy Halloween!

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