Looking for Great Rec Room Ideas?

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Are you looking for great rec room ideas? Search no more! We’ve collected some of the hottest trends and coolest ideas for recreation space out there. We know that while the rec room you have may not be the highlight of your home tour, it can be the heart of your home and deserves some tlc and good design!

2015 is filled with strong colors, a less-cluttered design, and many designers and homeowners are designing space around the purpose, in rec rooms that means hobbies and interests, and they are celebrating the room’s  purpose in the decor details. How do you celebrate purpose? Think board game boards as wall decor, or musical instrument storage as part of the design aesthetic.

The first thing you need to do is identify what kind of recreation you want to build your rec room around, and who will use it. From a kid’s gaming paradise or board game palace, to a media man-cave or the hottest entertainment spot on the block, a rec room can be built around your dreams for the space. Here’s a few types of rec rooms, and some gorgeous examples of what you can do with a little extra space in your home!

Adults Only Rec Rooms

Looking for an adult entertainment space, perhaps with a wet bar, pool table and a comfortable space and large screen for viewing the sporting events you love? Everydayphotos.com has some great ideas. Clean, spacious, and divided into areas set up to feature the activities you love to share with friends. A whiskey-themed man cave is featured on Pinterest, Interested in creating your own man cave? DIYhomedesignideas.com has great suggestions on choosing important features, and even how to build them into your design.

Adult Rec Rooms by Summit Luxury on Flickr

Family Central Rec Rooms

Is your idea of a rec room filled with the family? From board games to tv nights and watching favorite teams together, these housebeautiful.com ideas are for kid-friendly, parent-proud rooms filled with family fun. Looking for something simple with bright colors, easily cleaned, and ready for youngsters? Take a look at this houzz.com rec room.

Gamer’s Paradise Rec Rooms

Is there a video game addict in your home? Whether your gamer is a weekend warrior adult, or a group of gung-ho kid gamers, here are some room designs just for them from MyLRF! Looking to ease into a gamer’s grotto? Apartmenttherapy.com offers 10 great tips to doing a gamer room right.

Games Rec Rooms by Summit Luxury on Flickr

Music Room Rec Rooms

Is your dream rec room filled with a great sound system and comfortable listing area? Maybe it’s filled with instruments, music stands, and recording equipment? Pinterest has a selection of music room decor and design ideas to make the music lover or music maker in your life drool!

Media Room Rec Rooms

Is your ideal relaxation space less of an activity room and more of an ideal viewing space for movies, tv, and sporting events? Consider creating a dedicated media room. Start with a surround sound system, a large screen, and comfortable seating and build from there! Not the cheapest of makeovers, but a media room can make your home THE entertainment destination for all your family and friends. HGTV.com has some great media room designs, as does Houzz.com.

Smaller Projects Rec Rooms

Maybe you’re not ready for a whole rec room design or makeover. Hometalk.com has some smaller project examples(before and after photos galore!) that can spiff up your existing fun space and make it fresher, friendlier, or just more fun! Pinterest is a great place for finding photos, links, and ideas for rec room projects both small and large.


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