Is Right-Sizing in your Future?

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Right Sizing Your Home

Right Sizing Your Home

What is right-sizing? We all hear about downsizing which is primarily associated with folks over 50, however, in our real estate practice, we believe it is all about right sizing. Regardless of whether one is moving up or down, it may come with alot of emotion, a lot of details to coordinate and then there is always the physical aspect to moving. Of the physical and emotional challenge’s, the emotional tips the scale as there are many things to consider when right-sizing.

For the over 50 crowd, it can seem daunting as now they are considering not only a residential move, they also have the emotional, legal, medical and financial pieces as part of the consideration of “do I move”, “age in place” or “ I have so much stuff and do not know where to begin”. This move is about shifting possessions and memories of a home where children played, family holiday gatherings and other family major life events have occurred. Often it can be so overwhelming to individuals they do not even know where to begin to prepare for a major move.

The other end of the spectrum, is the family or individuals looking to upsize and increase their space, yard and amenities. It can still be a daunting process, albeit a fun and exciting decision when transiting into a larger property. A move to a larger home still requires a solid plan which would include how to prepare your current home for sale, finances, transitioning from one property to the other and all the many details associated with buying and selling real estate.

Our team of dedicated & certified ( Senior Real Estate Specialist SRES, and Certified Residential Specialist CRS ) real estate professionals at THE COLUMBUS TEAM, have combined over 100 years of experience, in developing a customized plan and approach for each individual or family facing the challenges of right sizing. In addition, as a full service real estate team, we assist with exploring your housing options. From our network of qualified service professionals, we are also happy to recommend, other professionals such as move managers, CPA’s, attorneys and other experts as needed by our home buyers and sellers.

It costs nothing to explore and learn about your options, give us a call at 614-888-6100 or email us at to learn about Right-Sizing and preparing a plan for your home.