Homes for Heroes: Columbus Healthcare Hero

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The Columbus Team is proud to be an affiliate for the Homes for Heroes in Columbus, a network of real estate professionals who agree to discount their standard service fees for our community heroes who sacrifice for our greater good in their professional lives. Qualified Homes for Heroes participants include active and retired military, first responders such as firefighters and police, and even teachers. There is no fee, and no hidden cost to the hero, and no extra paperwork to fill out.

Columbus Healthcare Hero
Woman Nurse TallRecently, one of our repeat clients heard about the Homes for Heroes program and discovered The Columbus Team was saying thank you to Central Ohio heroes. She called a neighbor who is getting ready to list her home.

Jenna is a retiring nurse, who has served the Columbus area for over 25 years in a local hospital. After her retirement, she wants to move closer to her grandchildren in North Carolina but has been worried about the costs of selling the family home, as it was her biggest investment and a part of her nest-egg.

“I never would have considered myself a hero, and never would have contacted Homes for Heroes on my own. I assumed it was a program for military vets, not nurses, and I’m selling, not buying. When my neighbor called me, I was so touched that she thought of me, but I was sure I didn’t qualify. It turns out, I do! I can save 25% on some of the costs of selling my home. That means the world to me now that I’m on a fixed income. What an unexpected reward for doing a job I loved for 26 years!”

Do you know a Columbus healthcare hero thinking of buying or selling a home? Let them know about the Homes for Heroes program, and tell them to contact The Columbus Team at (614) 888-6100 to see if they qualify. Their selfless service deserves a reward!