Homes for Heroes: Columbus Firefighter Heroes

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The Columbus Team is proud to be an affiliate for the Homes for Heroes in Columbus, a network of real estate professionals who agree to discount their standard service fees for our community heroes who sacrifice for our greater good in their professional lives. Qualified Homes for Heros participants include active and retired military, first responders such as firefighters and police, and even teachers. There is no fee, and no hidden cost to the hero, and no extra paperwork to fill out.

Columbus Firefighter Heroes:

Fireman TallDave is a Columbus firefighter of many years, and the son of a retired firefighter. He and his wife, Melissa, are getting ready to send their younger children off to college. Melissa, an EMT, says their oldest is following in his parents’ footsteps and is hoping to be a paramedic. This family has served the community for two generations already, and it looks as though they’ll be serving Columbus well into the future.

“I love that I have been serving the same community from the same firehouse for over 15 years. My wife has served in her current firehouse for 12. Columbus is a great place to live and raise your kids, and we’re proud to be first responders in our community. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

When a neighbor emailed to tell us that we qualified for a discount when we decide to sell or buy a home, I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t looking for anything like that, but our son Tim just got engaged, and they’re going to want to buy their first home soon. It’s nice to know that he may be able to afford a house sooner than he thought. We don’t do the job for perks or thank yous, but it’s nice that all these real estate professionals think our service deserves recognition. Our veterans are the real heroes, but it’s nice to be recognized.”

Do you know any Columbus firefighters, veterans, health care workers, teachers, or police officers thinking of buying or selling a home? Let them know about the Homes for Heroes program, and tell them to contact The Columbus Team at (614) 888-6100 to see if they qualify. Their selfless service deserves a reward!