Finding the Best REALTOR Who Is the Right Fit For You

Mary Allen, REALTOR Author - Mary Allen

In today’s technological world, it’s easy to spontaneously hire a realtor. But how do you find the best Realtor who is the right fit for you?

Finding the Best Realtor Who Is the Right Fit For You

You’re ready to sell or buy a home. You find yourself searching Google for “realtors near me”. Or perhaps you’re soliciting online advice from an agent listed on Zillow. In today’s technological world, it’s easy to spontaneously hire a realtor without getting to know them first. 

What happens when you meet the realtor for the first time and discover it’s not the right fit? Finding the best realtor for you from the start is going to make the home purchasing process smoother. Or if you’re selling a home, it can mean a quicker sale and better price. Getting stuck in an agreement with a realtor who isn’t the right fit is the last thing anyone wants.

The relationship between you and your realtor is an important part of the home buying or selling process. A high stakes financial exchange is at the core of your relationship with this person. You need to know that your REALTOR has your best interest in mind. 

How To Find the Right REALTOR®

Do your research to find a REALTOR who is the right fit for you. Here are some recommended action steps: 

  • Ask your family and friends for references. If you’re moving to a new city, ask your new colleagues or parents at your children’s new school for a referral.
  • Check online references. Go through the Realtor’s website, read Google and Yelp reviews. Watch for comments that speak to the professional’s expertise and knowledge of the communities in which you’re purchasing or selling a home.
  • Go to open houses to meet Realtors. This is a great way to see them in action and see how they interact with potential buyers. Ask good questions to determine if they would work well with you on the selling or buying of a home.

If you’re not ready to buy or sell, don’t commit to a REALTOR until you are. It’s better they know when you’re ready to take action. Remember, a REALTOR is getting paid a commission based on a sale so you don’t want to waste everyone’s time if you’re not ready. At the same time, don’t get pressured into moving too quickly.

What To Look For in a REALTOR®

Is the REALTOR an active listener? Experienced real estate professionals will likely have many more ideas than you could imagine about the purchase or sale of a home. That’s what they’re getting paid for, they’re the experts. However, if the realtor you’re considering working with isn’t also actively listening to what you want, it may not be the right fit. Have an initial in-person meeting or phone consult to determine if the realtor understands what you’re looking for in a new home or the sale of your current home.

Have you anticipated what the home sale process will be like for your weekly routine? Ask your prospective Realtor what the plan of action is for selling your house and/or helping you purchase a new home. Learn what their expectations for showings, open houses, etc. And also, be upfront about the flexibility of your schedule, etc. Make sure that you and the realtor are going to work well together. Remember the home sale process can take several months. Know that you can work with the plan you and your realtor set up to make the sale happen.

We understand the work and emotions that go into buying or selling a home. The last thing you want is to be in an agreement with a real estate agent that isn’t attentive to what you’re looking for. A relationship with a Realtor is a two-way street. Make sure you’re a good fit for each other so that you find the right home and/or get the most out of one you’re selling.

At The Columbus Team, our experienced agents will guide you through the home buying and selling process from start to finish. But more than that, we’re committed to ensuring you’re with the right REALTOR. Listening closely to your needs and preferences is of utmost importance. Each of our agents is dedicated to helping you accomplish your individual real estate goals. Contact us to meet find out if our team is the right fit for you.