Essentials to Bring to Your Real Estate Closing

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Essentials to Bring to Your Real Estate Closing

Here are the essential items all Home Buyers AND Home Sellers should bring to your real estate closing!  Don’t forget to bring yours!

Bring a valid I.D. (drivers license): Everyone involved wants to be sure the right people are signing this day, so don’t forget it!

Checkbook: Even if you normally use only a debit or credit card. Sometimes there can be a small overage or miscellaneous fee that can be covered with a personal check or cash ONLY. Be prepared…. so you are guaranteed to close.

Cashier’s Check: Call and ask, the title company may not accept a personal check. If you’re unsure the exact amount to bring, get a cashier’s check for a larger amount that will cover the ‘worst-case’ scenario, and the title company will issue you a check at closing for the difference. Make the check out to yourself, and you can endorse it over to the title company at closing.

One more important note- a cashier’s check is like CASH – you can’t get another one issued. Make sure you keep this check in a very safe place.