Come See Where the Classic American Whistle Is Born!

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Explore the birthplace of the classic American whistle at this captivating location. Discover the rich history and craftsmanship behind this iconic instrument.

That shiny silver whistle blown by police officers, gym teachers, referees, the Red Cross disaster workers, and dangling from women’s key rings all over the nation is born here in Columbus, Ohio! For over 50 years, AWC has been making the classic American whistle and shipping it all around the world.

Every kid (and adult) who has ever blown a whistle has wondered how they get that little ball in there, why it can’t come out, and what it’s made of. Now you can find out the answers to all your whistle questions. View machinery both modern and vintage, and ask all the questions you like of their knowledgeable and friendly guides. Best of all, every tourist gets a shiny new whistle! (Parents, for your eardrums’ sake, you may want to confiscate these treasures BEFORE getting back in your car!)

The tours were only $10 per person (check for updated pricing), and can be scheduled Monday-Thursday during business hours. For groups larger than 50, please book and pay for 50 guests online. You can pay for any additional guests at the time of the tour.

Classic American Whistle

Homeschoolers take note: This tour can help fulfill fourth-grade curriculum requirements for social studies. Enjoy the classic American whistle!

American Whistle Corp
6540 Huntley Road
Columbus, OH 43229