Checklist for Organizing Your Move

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Moving is stressful, using an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor helps reduce the stress significantly.  Being organized and prepared for the move also helps to reduce stress.  Hopefully this simple organizing your move checklist will help streamline the moving process so you have more time and energy to celebrate your new home and neighborhood.

  • Gather your supplies. Large trash bags, zip-top storage bags, boxes, markers, scissors, packing or strapping tape, labels, paper or newspaper, bubble or foam wrap. Purchase or borrow what you need, but try and gather all your supplies before beginning to pack. It makes for fewer errands and interruptions.
  • Sort your stuff. Decide what to keep, donate, or discard. Move donation items into boxes or trash bags, and bag trash. It’s easier more efficient to do one room at a time.
  • Discard and donate ASAP. Move discards and donations immediately out of the home to their ultimate destination, the sooner the better. Less clutter means easier packing!
  • Discard Carefully. Make sure you separate toxic items like old paint and batteries and consult your town guidelines for disposal. Shred personal papers. Ensure computers, phones, and tablets are wiped clean of personal data before donation or discarding.
  • Choose a packing system. Whether you color code, number boxes, write the packing list on the box, use labels, organize what you pack so it’s easy for you or your movers to know where to place the boxes in your new home.
  • Pack thoughtfully. Take your time, take breaks, and pack first what you won’t need right away. When packing, you don’t have to do a single room at a time unless you’re in a huge hurry. Packing off-season holiday and clothing items first just makes sense.
  • Pack fragile items early. Don’t wait until the last moment to pack Grandma’s mirror or your fine crystal. Pack them while you still have energy and time to take the care those items need. Label the boxes FRAGILE on every side.
  • Pack smart. Put containers of liquids such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, or foods in zip-top bags to prevent and contain spills. While packing bathroom items, roll china soap dishes in towels and wrap curtain rings in the shower curtain. This keeps like with like, but protects breakables or easily lost items. Tape cords and chargers to the electronics they match. Tape remotes, too.
  • Set aside a starter kit. Put aside a few boxes for the bare essentials in your new house. Cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc. can be packed in a clean tall kitchen trash can. Fill starter boxes with first day essentials from a few pots, pans, dishes, plastic tableware, to coffee maker, non-perishable foods, and children’s essentials. Pack clothes and toiletries in a suitcase, and stock your diaper bag if needed. Pack a cooler with some perishable essentials, too, in case you can’t get to the store right away. These important starter kit items should go into your car, or be loaded last into the truck so they can be identified and used your first day in your new home.
  • Traffic control. As boxes come off the moving truck, assign someone as traffic control, so boxes are identified and movers (paid or volunteer) know which boxes go where. This will save your time and your back from moving heavy boxes room-to-room later.
  • Celebrate. Do take time to celebrate when all your boxes are moved. Don’t dive right into unpacking anything but your starter kit. Throw a tablecloth over a few boxes and order a pizza, or go out for dinner and enjoy your new neighborhood. Give yourself a break before heading into the unpacking stage!