Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Central Ohio

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St Patrick's Day in Central Ohio
Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Central Ohio

The Best Saint Patrick’s Day Events in Columbus, Ohio

The Irish are known for their love of drinking so what Saint Patrick’s day would would be complete without a little alcohol?

Bar Crawls are practically required when celebrating St. Paddy, and Columbus has more than a few to chose from.

Can’t make one? That’s okay!

The bar crawls take place on and around March 17 so you should be able to make at least one.

Some of the favorites:

Other St. Patrick’s Day activities around Columbus:

Looking for St. Patrick’s Day events that are a little more kid friendly?

Check out The Shamrock Club’s events “Where Irish is Year Around!”. They host the annual Columbus Saint Patrick’s Day parade on March 17th.

The day starts with a Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, then the parade, and ends with the annual Irish Family Reunion where there will be music and dancing for everyone. The festivities continue later at the Shamrock Club Pub where there will be music.

Families interested in events with no alcohol should look into the annual Virtual Luck of the Irish 5k. The benefit is you can run the race anywhere and the proceeds are donated to charity!

There is also the option of doing a COhatch St. Patrick’s day tour. COhatch is a business that is meant to gather local businesses and communities together. Many of the Columbus COhatchs are hosting St. Patrick’s Day events, so why not make a day of it and tour the city to see what each space offers?