Buying Foreclosures in Columbus – Facts: Why and How


Buying Foreclosures in Columbus – Facts: Why and How

A foreclosure is simply a home mortgage that has been ‘pre-closed’ by the bank.

The homeowner has not kept up with the monthly mortgage payment for several months. The bank has appealed to the owner, but the missed payments are racking up.

Finally, the bank sends a notice that it’s over- the mortgage agreement has been violated and they are closing it out. The owner has to either pay the balance of the mortgage in full, or the bank will take over ownership of the home. At a notified date, the lender will be changing the locks, and if necessary, forcefully evicting the homeowner from the house.

This is frequently a lose-lose situation. The homeowner can do serious damage to the house before he/she leaves. The bank has the challenge of re-selling a home that is distressed and below market value. The lender is going to lose money. In addition, they have to pay for taxes, lawn maintenance, possible repairs, and extra employees to manage the paperwork process.

There can be advantages for the savvy buyer. You get a home that is cheaper than comparable homes. If you’re handy, you can make needed repairs. But be warned: the buying process can be tedious, the house sells ‘as-is’ (and there may be issues that are not obvious), and the spurned lender can be cantankerous. It’s critical to work with a knowledgeable Realtor who will advise you on pricing and work through the process.

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7 Enduring Foreclosure Myths

Foreclosure Myth or Fact?

The Ohio Association of REALTORS® ran an article called Foreclosure Myths Debunked in which several of the inaccurate beliefs were outlined about foreclosure and distressed homeowners choices when financially challenged.

Here are the 7 enduring myths of foreclosure:

  1. Myth: You should stop paying your mortgage so you can leverage assistance with your mortgage payments.
  2. Myth: After a foreclosure, you’ll never get another mortgage.
  3. Myth: Workout options are over once you get a foreclosure notice.
  4. Myth: You need to leave your home as soon as you’re notified that your property is in foreclosure.
  5. Myth: If you’re late on your monthly payments, you’ll lose your house.
  6. Myth: All the offers for help are probably all scams.
  7. Myth: Give up if your lender is not responding to your inquiries.

If you’re concerned about foreclosure in your future, be sure to read our report on how to avoid foreclosure and contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have.