3 Local Blue Ribbon School Winners Announced

National Blue Ribbon Schools Seal

We’d like to recognize and congratulate three schools in our area who recently received The Blue Ribbon Award:

  • St Paul School (private – Catholic)
  • Tyler Run (public – Olentangy)
  • Buckeye Woods (public – South-Western City)

The Blue Ribbon Award is given to schools who excel in certain areas. The program was developed in 1982 to recognize and encourage academic excellence or progress in closing gaps among student subgroups. The award is given by the U.S. Department of Education. The coveted Blue Ribbon Award highlights the hard work of teachers, students and families who are willing to challenge themselves to accomplish more.

The National Blue Ribbon School Flag is given to those schools who win so that they can fly it proudly at the entrance to the building, letting everyone know that the teachers and students at the school are determined to master the learning process.

Both public and private schools are eligible to win the award. This important achievement is about more than just educational excellence. It also rewards and recognizes those schools that have closed the gap between student subgroups. For instance, in schools where students are from minorities or low-income homes, teachers work harder to help those students receive a quality education they can be proud of.

Let’s Look at the Schools More Closely

St Paul School – Westerville, OH (private – Catholic)

Formed in 1961, St Paul School has provided a strong educational foundation for multiple generations of families living in Westerville, OH. As a parish school they continue the tradition of an excellent Catholic education while incorporating contemporary pedagogy and modern technology. They strive to keep pace with current educational practices, but their core value of instilling the importance of a life of service is paramount. They challenge students to use God’s gifts to identify means by which they can become productive adults who recognize that service to others, especially the poor and needy, is a principal goal in life.

Tyler Run – Powell, OH (public – Olentangy)

Tyler Run Elementary School (TRES) is successful due to the sense of community among students, staff, parents, and the community. Tyler Run facilitates maximum learning for all students through engaging in many activities to build leadership skills and celebrate diversity.

The heart of their leadership is the Tyler Run Tiger’s “Paw”sitive Promise. In their community, the focus is on Teamwork, Respect, Effort, Spread Kindness (T.R.E.S). Students and staff are reminded daily of the promise through a catchy chant with hand motions. These four behaviors are taught and expected as TRES builds a positive community. Students, staff, and the community gather together to celebrate the efforts of students in a quarterly town hall meeting by recognizing students who have consistently demonstrated these behaviors.

Buckeye Woods –Grove City, OH (public – South-Western City)

Buckeye Wood Elementary is the largest elementary school in the South-Western City School District (SWCSD). As such, they face a variety of unique challenges. One of their most pressing challenges has been making certain that each and every student’s unique social-emotional and academic needs are met. The SWCSD provides high quality curriculum resources and professional development. Buckeye Woods teachers use these resources and training, along with knowledge of their students’ strengths and needs, to make skillful instructional decisions. Formative assessments enable teachers to use data-driven decision making to the fullest advantage. Teachers customize and target instruction for all students and utilize an excellent support staff to provide interventions, as needed, to supplement and enrich classroom instruction.

We Support our Schools!

The Columbus Team supports efforts like this in our community because we know it makes our world a better place to live when children can get a great education. We understand that homeowners want to choose their school districts and we can direct them to the information they need.

If you aren’t sure which district is best for your family, you can review the “School Report Cards” produced by the State of Ohio. You can compare all school districts including Gahanna, Dublin, Worthington, Olentangy, and others to find the one that fits your needs.

The Columbus Team has compiled information on the parochial, private, alternative, and public schools in the Columbus area as well, and we would be happy to pass that on to you!

Information on Columbus colleges and universities is also available. We’re here to help home buyers and home sellers in any way we can.

Dublin & Olentangy Schools Top School Rankings

Student Standing by School Bus


As a parent, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is deciding which school to enroll your children in where they will be on a path towards educational, social and emotional success. If you are in the Dublin or Olentangy area, rest assured you are in one of the top school districts in Ohio.

Data collected from two top district ranking systems Niche and U.S. News have earned both districts a gold medal based on performance on state-required tests, how well students are prepared for college, student and parent overall satisfaction with their districts and more.

U.S. News calculates each school within a district and individually ranks them within the state and nationally. The top 500 schools within the national ranking receive a Gold Medal ranking based on college readiness in 2017. College readiness is determined by individual analysis and scorecard style grading of the top five categories—AP Testing, AP Passing Scores, Mathematics Proficiency, English Proficiency and College Readiness Index. The 2017 rankings and reviews by Niche —a website that allows you to find the top schools and neighborhoods in your area—have been reported based on the data that was collected and analyzed through millions of student and parent reviews, category rankings, insights and profiles.

Within the Dublin City School District, Dublin Jerome High School has ranked the highest out of the three high schools that make up Dublin City. Ranked #17 within Ohio and #477 in National rankings, Jerome is one of the highest rated schools based on above average college readiness index scores, AP test scores, AP passing grades,and proficiency in both mathematics and english. Following Jerome High School is Dublin Coffman High School with a National ranking at #484 and a state ranking at #18. While Dublin Scioto High School scored well above average, almost perfect scores in both english and mathematics proficiencies, the school’s rating dropped it to #725 nationally and #29 in the state of Ohio, based on the college readiness index and AP placement, testing and passing scores.

Olentangy Local School District scored above most central ohio districts. Ranking #5 in the state of Ohio and #228 in National rankings is Olentangy High School in Lewis Center. School data that influenced the highest score within the two local districts are a 100-percent graduation rate, a 100-percent score in english proficiency and a 98-percent score in mathematics proficiency. Closely behind Olentangy High is Olentangy Liberty High School ranked #7 statewide and #253 nationally, Olentangy Liberty has the highest AP Passing score of all three Olentangy Local schools at 82-percent. Orange High School of Olentangy Local in Lewis received the #10 position throughout Ohio and #329 in national rankings. All six schools between Olentangy Local and Dublin City Schools received a Gold Medal based on their performance from U.S. News.

Within the state of Ohio, Dublin City School District has been ranked #2, and Olentangy Local School District follows closely ranked at #6. The ranking methodology by Niche  is based on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data and ratings collected from Niche  users.

Factors considered when determining a school ranking are academic grades (both Dublin and Olentangy districts scored an overall A+), culture & diversity grades (Dublin schools scored and A-, and Olentangy a B-), health & safety grades (both school districts again scoring A+). Niche  also performs parent/student surveys based on their overall experience within their school district. Responses are scored on a 1-5 scale, this survey accounts for 10-percent of a school district’s overall score.

Determining Dublin City School’s overall score were a 4.2 out of 5 satisfaction rating, an A+ grade based on the school’s teachers, an A+ grade for clubs and activities presented within the district, an A+ grade in resources and facilities, and an A grade in district sports based on total participation, number of sports available and student/parent satisfaction. Olentangy Local followed Dublin’s scores closely with a 4.1 out of 5 satisfaction rating, an A+ grade based on the school’s teachers, an A grade for clubs and activities, an A grade in resources and facilities, and an A+ grade in district sports.

Rankings by U.S. News  included data on more than 21,000 public schools within all 50 states and the district of Columbia. Niche  ranked a total of 10,364 United States public school districts. Each system is based on the most recent data available and is carefully analyzed to support the best possible outcome for each school and school district. We hope this information will help you, as a parent or guardian, determine the best school for your children so that they may flourish from their education and look forward to a bright future.

For more information on Dublin, Olentangy or Worthington schools and neighborhoods please give us a call!

10 Tips for Moving During the School Year


Yes, we know that moving during the school year isn’t ideal for you or the kids, but sometimes putting your move off until summer just isn’t possible. Moving is difficult even over the summer, but moving while school is in session comes with additional concerns. Luckily, The Columbus Team has experience helping families move at every time of the year. So how can we help you make the move between homes and schools as seamless as possible? Here are 10 tips for moving during the school year that can ease transitions, keep you organized, and make everyone in the family feel more confident and happy about your move!


  1. Research. The Columbus Team knows Central Ohio. We can help you find the perfect home in the school district of your choice. We are happy to give you and your family the scoop on places to visit and things to do in your new neighborhood. Check online with your new school district, many have websites that tell you which school your child will attend and even have photos of the school, playground, and activities! Getting familiar with the big unknowns can make the whole family feel good about the move.
  2. Involve the kids. Take your whole family to visit your new neighborhood, tour your new home, and take a look at your new school(s). Not possible? Have your children write (or dictate) a few things they’d like to know about their new home or school. Photos of your new home are on our listings on our website, com, and our office is happy to answer questions about your new neighborhood. Call or visit the school office to ask the questions about school. School secretaries are a new family’s best friend, they are the welcome wagon and your help desk all in one friendly package! One out-of-state parent we know asked for a photo of their child’s new teacher to help their child prepare…the school sent a teacher photos AND a class photo with a welcome card!
  3. Contact the district. Many school districts have online forms for registration and more. You can print the forms and fill them out in advance, saving time during the registration process. This also allows you to check that your child has the correct immunizations and health information ready while you still have access to a familiar pediatrician. Don’t forget to check what documentation your new school district requires for registration.
  4. Create a registration envelope. After you know what you’ll need for registering your kids at the new school or district, use large manila envelope to collect all the documentation you’ll need before it gets packed for moving: You may need your new mortgage or rental agreement, to birth certificates, social security cards, immunization records, and even a current photo of your child. When you move, these important documents can become difficult to find amongst the boxes, so gather them early and keep them at hand.
  5. Contact teachers directly. As early as you can, get an email address for your child’s new teacher(s) and touch base before your move. Tell them a little about your child. Ask about what peers are studying: Is there a book your child should begin reading or a topic you can help them learn about during the move so they can be as up-to-date as possible? Ask for a supply list, too, as your current school supplies may not match the new school’s list.
  6. Give each child an ESSENTIALS box. Moving is stressful, even when you’re looking forward to having your own room, a great yard, and nice neighbors. It can ease your child’s mind to know that they have packed a box filled with their most important stuff that will be the first box to be opened in their new room. From toddlers to teens, kids have things that make a house a home. Stuffed animals, books, a favorite pillow, photos of friends, and for older kids – their computer. While items they can’t live a day without should go in a bag to stay with them, the things in the ESSENTIALS box are the things they’ll want once you’ve arrived at the new house. Let the kids choose the items, and mark the boxes in big letters so movers can easily see where they go. It’s surprising how excited kids get about setting up the new room when they plan what goes in it!
  7. Something new. Before or right after the move, consider allowing your child to choose something new for the new home. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A butterfly or football decal for a bedroom window, a basketball or box of chalk for the driveway, or even a welcome mat for the front door. One family we know chose a small tree to plant for each child! This helps your family focus on getting excited about the future!
  8. Take a breath. As important as school and work are, try to allow your family a little time to settle in before jumping right back into work and school. Even a single play-day can help you rest and reconnect in your new space. Then, reconnected, you’re all ready to greet your new neighborhood, schools, and workplaces!
  9. Establish community. As soon as you can, during or after your move, create a community around your family. Join a place of worship, sign up for a sport, find the local rec center or pool, get a library card…anything that allows you to join your neighbors in familiar activities can help your family settle in. We can help you find those resources if you like!
  10. Connect. Once you’ve unpacked and had a little time to recover, consider asking a neighbor over for coffee, or contact a classmate’s parent for a playdate. It can be hard to reach out, but creating a network of neighbors and fellow parents leads to friendships that can last a lifetime. Know that The Columbus Team is always here for you. We love that our clients become our friends and our neighbors!

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