5 Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale

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5 Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale
5 Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale - Homework!

The housing market in Columbus continues to be fierce for buyers and sellers alike.

The Columbus Team is here to help and save you money. There’s no sense in spending more than necessary to make updates. In fact, we make sure you have all the necessary information to ensure your home is ready to be listed.

The following are 5 tips for preparing your home for sale: 

  1. Pack and Declutter. Go through each room and pack your belongings to prepare your home for sale. If you’re still living there, leave your essentials but put away everything else. Decluttering and removing as many of your belongings as possible will help potential buyers visualize the home as their own. That means cleaning out those messy closets too! 
  2. Get Photo Ready. We have a House Coach on our team that can help you prepare your home for sale. This includes staging the layout and decor so that your home will look its best in photos and for showings.
  3. Repair. Determine if there are any major repairs that need to take place such as, replacing leaky roof, etc. before selling your home. Minor changes can also make an impact. Changing light fixtures or faucets can add extra appeal, but these changes may not be necessary. Consult with our team to determine what to prioritize, add or remove from your repair list.
  4. Ensure Curb Appeal. The outside of your house is going to be the first thing potential buyers see when they arrive for a showing or drive by. Keep things tidy, including a well-manicured lawn and landscaping. Consider adding to the curb appeal by planting some flowers, power washing your front steps, or even adding a welcome mat at the front door.
  5. Deep Clean and Remove Smells. Do a deep clean and make every surface shine. Also eliminate any odors. For example, if you cooked and there was smoke in the kitchen be sure to get rid of the smell before a showing. These easy-to-do tasks will enhance the potential buyers experience and remove any distractions. 

Our team is ready to help you prepare your home for sale. Contact us today to get started!