5 reasons to move to Columbus, Ohio in 2022

Jeanne O’Keefe, REALTOR Author - Jeanne O’Keefe

Are you worried about the economy and a possible housing crash? Keep reading to find out 5 reasons to move to Columbus, Ohio!

Columbus, Ohio evening landscape. 5 reasons to move to Columbus Ohio.

Are you considering moving to Columbus Ohio, but you’re worried about the economy and a possible housing crash? You’re not the only one. But let me tell you that 2022 is a good year to move to Ohio. Here are our 5 reasons to Move to Columbus, Ohio in 2022.

#1 Industries

Lots of investment in a variety of different industries, including big names like Intel and Amgen. This is the number one reason because it’ll bring jobs, more cash flow to the city, and economic stability in the long term. There’s also a world-class, cargo-focused airport, which is why many international head offices are located in Columbus.

# 2 Education

There are approximately 50 college and university campuses. More than the national average! This is an advantage for college students or people with children who eventually will go to university. Also, many school districts in and around Columbus have top-rated K-12 school systems. If education is one of your top priorities, the area of Columbus, Ohio is for you!

# 3 Low cost of living

Columbus, Ohio has a low cost of living in comparison to other big cities. For the price of an apartment in New York, you can afford a manor in Columbus, Ohio! Also, your expenses will be lower, which translates into more savings and more money to spare to do the things you love the most. In other words, your wallet will be thankful.

Graph of cost of living in Columbus Ohio. 5 reasons to move to Columbus Ohio.
Source: payscale

# 4 Quality of life

Columbus Ohio ranks fifth in the world for quality of life. you can enjoy a feeling of openness thanks to the high proportion of green spaces. Also, commuting is easy and fast thanks to bus routes that connect the greater Columbus area. Compared to other states, there’s low traffic congestion and, therefore, less commuting time. What’s better than having more spare time?

# 5 Culture

When it comes to culture, Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer. You won’t get bored because you will have access to art, all genres of music, dance, live theater, comedy, festivals, and cultural celebrations. For example, the Ballet Met is a great ballet company and dance academy if you’re a ballet lover. Or, if you’re into art, there’s the Columbus Museum of Art.

There you go! Industries, education, low cost of living, quality of life, and culture, do you need any more reasons to move to Columbus? If you would like to learn more, check out The Things We Love About Columbus. We hope to see you in Columbus, Ohio soon!