What is a Barndominium House Style?

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Barndominium Exterior - What is a Barndominium House Style?

What is a Barndominium?

New trends are constantly popping up in the housing market. One of the most recent is the Barndominium” or “Barndo.” Combining the words “barn” and “condominium,” this new style is great for people looking for a space that’s affordable and easy to maintain.

Many homeowners are refurbishing old barns while others are doing new builds in the spirit of big barns. The goal is for the building to encompass a deluxe home with a large garage, workspace, studio, etc. attached. The trend started in 2016 and usually consists of open designs that are easily customized.

Why Buy a Barndominium?

There are several benefits to bardominiums that make them attractive to homeowners. Because these barns were created for commercial and industrial use, it is inexpensive and quick to convert them. Also, if you find yourself wanting more space after your initial build, it is easy to modify barndominiums. Most of these buildings are made from metal, which is easy to find and work with, as well as cheap.

Barndominium Exterior - Why Buy a Barndominium?

The History of the Barndominium

The barndominium trend became popular in rural Texas and has since spread to the Midwest. They are usually found in upscale rural areas. Because barndos are so quick and cheap to build, people will often use them as temporary housing while building a traditional house. They are also great, however, as a permanent home.

Barndominium Interior - Furnishing a Barndominum

Furnishing a Barndominum

If you are looking to make a barndominium your home, then there are a number of ways to furnish it. Because barndos often consist of high ceilings and open spaces, it is better to use large furniture. These buildings are also incredibly versatile, so the sky is the limit when it comes to customization.

Building a Barndominium

Barndominium Interior - Building a Barndominium

If you’re looking to live in a more rural place and want something quick and easy to build, then a barndominium is for you. Because they’re made from metal, it is easy to customize the space to fit your needs. With high ceilings and open spaces, you can design the area exactly how you want. Whether you are looking for a temporary place to live while waiting to build a more traditional home, or you are searching for your forever home, the barndos can fit your needs.

Our team is here to help you find what you want! If a barndominium sounds like the home for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!