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Clintonville Art Walk

Rich with both community history and public art, Columbus Art Walks are entertaining and educational self-guided walking tours. When you walk the Clintonville Art Walk, the printable map and downloadable mp3 tour lead you from one piece of public art to another, telling you stories from the past and present-day Clintonville along the way. You learn all about the history, community, and the amazing art available to the public on these historic Clintonville streets.

Did you know that West of Crestview and High street used to be an amusement park with dozens of rides and features? What is it now? Did you know that the 300 homes in the Zooland subdivision of Beechwold were built during 5 short months to accommodate returning soldiers from WWII? Have you heard the story of how school children brought water into the original Clinton Elementary? Do you know where the first and only Columbus pedestrian subway is? Have you seen the longest operating business in Columbus? Did you know a famous stop on the Underground Railroad in Clintonville later became a rollicking speakeasy during Prohibition? All these stories, histories, and present-day landmarks are available to you on the Art Walk!

Interested in the home styles in Clintonville? Learn all about foursquare homes, bungalows, and get the scoop on the true stories of the gorgeous historic homes on East North Broadway, with all the details you’ve always wanted to know!

Love art cars? Did you know that Clintonville is home to 5 art cars, and one or more can often be seen parked on the 100 block of Pacemont?

And with each stop at public art, there are beautiful, inspiring, and fascinating artworks…from stained glass windows, to architectural wonders, to a dozen beautiful murals tucked into various corners of Clintonville. Included is the mural near the Clintonville Community Market on Crestview and Calumet, the first street mural in Columbus. Designed by Brenda Lloyd, it depicts elements of the Clintonville community. Other murals are placed around Clintonville at the Pace and High Carryout, Pattycake Bakery (this one changes regularly) and the Gateway History Murals at the North Broadway viaduct.

Explore Clintonville! Whether you are a long-time resident, or you are searching for your new home, walk the Clintonville Art Walk: It’s the perfect way to get to know the history, beauty, and character of this great and historic neighborhood. Enjoy!


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